Indian farmers protest against new laws

Indian farmers protest against new laws

Indian farmers protest against new laws. They are protesting because of the 3 farm act which was passed by the Indian parliament. Farmer unions are considering this act as “ anti-farmer laws”.

When the act introduced, farmers start local protests, in the state of Punjab and Haryana. After two months of protest, farmers start a movement which was named as ‘Dilli Chalo movement’.

In inia thousands of farmer protestors start their marched towards the Dilli. Police and law enforcement are trying to prevent the farmer from entering the capital. Police are using tear gases and water cannons to stop them. There are a lot of people who are in support of farmers.

According to Indian news, almost 2 to 3 lac farmers are closing several border points on the way to Delhi. Almost 500 unions of farmers are protesting.

Transport unions also come out such as truckers, bus drivers and taxi drivers, etc to support the farmer brothers. On 4 December, the government address the farmer but they failed to address the farmer’s demands during talks.

Protest of farmers

However small level protest had started in August. But when the farm bills convert into act more farm unions and farmers come out and joined the protest.

They also called for a Bharat bandh all over the country to protest against these acts in September 2020. The extensive protest took place in different areas such as Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, and other states.

Railways services have also suspended in Punjab because of protests. Farmers are also verbally criticizing the media because they think that the media is misrepresenting the protest.

Rail roko campaign

Farmers started the rail roko campaign on 24 September 2020, through which the train services of Punjab were affected badly. Farmer union decided in October to start the campaign, as a result, the supplies of fertilizers and goods were affected.

Farmers protesters also said that they will block the expressway Jaipur-Delhi and also Delhi-Agra on 12 December. They also said to blocked the roads that enter Delhi one by one if their demands have undone.

Farmer protests against Modi’s government

According to Modi’s government farmers support by the government opposition, these are behind the farmers and they are actually agitating them for protest. Now the protests area has turned into camps. They are protesting here with families and are cooking and sleeping in open places.

Farmer protests and Covid-19

The government of India is trying to prevent farmer protests because of coronavirus. Because of protest Covid-19 is spreading more rapidly. Police are also stopping the farmers and asking them to move backward, don’t gather together, and follow preventive measures.

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