Jack Ma’s 7 rules for success

Today we will talk about Jack Ma’s 7 rules for success. Jack Ma, is the founder of Alibaba. In China, he is the 2nd richest man. However, he is the 16th richest man in the world. His journey to success started back in 1996. He got introduced to the internet when he visited the U.S.A. for the first time. Jack Ma, believes that today is hard, but if you wouldn’t work hard you will never get sunshine in the future. 

Jack Ma had been gone through many failures in life. But he never gets discouraged by it, He works hard and learns from his mistakes and failure. In addition, he just focused on his dream and treat his team members as a friend.

Following are the rules that Jack Ma talk about to become a successful in business life.

Don’t afraid of rejection

In the past, Ma had experienced a lot of rejection such as for admission to the school, university, and even in police job. But this rejection never let him down. He learned from his failures. Ma thinks that rejection actually motivates you to work on your weaknesses. Therefore, don,t be afraid of rejection, learn from your mistakes, and work on improving yourself.

Keep your dream alive

This trick helps you to set a target, and have a clear direction and think about your goals. Set your goal and motivate yourself to achieve your goals and to fulfill your dreams. When you work hard and gives your full outcome, then your dream comes true. Ma believes that if you keep your dream alive, you can achieve whatever you want. 

Positive working environment

According to Ma, a positive working environment motivates team members to do great work. Jack Ma, started his work with 18 young people and after that, they increased. Because they all were treated friendly. 

Focus on positivity

If you want to achieve your goals, first of all, you have to ignore negativity and criticism. You must have confidence in your abilities. Do whatever you want and don’t focus on demotivated people. This will help you a lot to be successful in your life. 

Get inspired all the time

Jack Ma explained that most of the time he had been inspired by actors of the films. This inspiration actually helped him a lot to speak publicly. It also assists him to act in a specific situation. This is not necessary that you should take inspiration from films. There are also many ways to get motivated or inspired such as art, culture, museum, sporting events, and so on. 

Stay focused on your goals

According to Jack Ma, set your goal and then focused on it. Because it gives you a clear path or direction through which you get what you want. When someone focuses on their goals. They say ‘No’ to other opportunities. Even these opportunities give him good money. 

Be passionate

Jack Ma believes that passion led someone to success. When starting Alibaba, Jack Ma was so passionate because he and his team were competing with global websites. He inspired his team to have a startup attitude, not a corporate one. 


Jack Ma actually shares his experiences through which he goes in the start. If you are an entrepreneur, you should work hard and follow his rules to get what you want. 

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