Keenjhar Lake tale of Prince Jam Tamachi

Keenjhar lake tale of Prince Jam Tamachi is one of the most famous stories in the Sindhi language. It is also mention in Shah jo Risalo. Keenjhar lake tale of Prince Jam Tamachi is a romantic story of love.

Keenjhar Lake is known as the second-largest freshwater lake. It is located in Thatta district of Sindh Pakistan. Daily thousand of people visits this lake.


Noori Jam Tamachi shrine

Noori Jam Tamachi shrine is located in the mid of this lake. But only a few people know about the reality of this place.

Noori Jam Tamachi is the Sindhi tale about the rich Prince Jam Tamchi and the poor fisherman’s daughter Noori.

In the 14th century, the Prince of Thatta Jam Tamchi goes for hunting on Keenjhar lake. He was fond of hunting. After hunting, he decides to rest for a few minutes in the village which was located on the sides of the Keenjhar lake. There were small houses of fishermen in the village.

When Jam Tamachi went to the village he saw a beautiful and attractive girl named “Noori”. She was the daughter of poor fisherman. When Prince Jam Tamchi saw a Noori ‘he fells in live with her’.

He sent a proposal for her. After that, they both tie in the marriage relationship. Noori was so beautiful, charming, and attractive too. When she smiles, looks like a ‘full moon in the beautiful sky’.


Wives of Prince Jam Tamachi

But the most surprising thing is that the Noori doesn,t know at the time of marriage that the Prince had already six wives.

The Prince returned back to the palace with the Noori. She was one of his most favorite wives. Therefore, the other six wives feel jealous. In addition, they also feel jealous because Noori was so beautiful among them. That’s why they decides to poison the mind of the Prince against Noori.

Wooden Box

One day they said to the Prince, that the Noori steal jewelery from the palace. And put them into the wooden box and she passes them to her brother to take them back to the village.

His servants also said that they also had seen the Noori,s brother to leave the palace with the wooden box. After all these poisonous the Prince Jam Tamchi decided to see her with his own eyes.

One day when the Noori was given the wooden box to her brother, surprisingly the Prince Jam Tamachi and his guards appeared. The Prince asked the Noori to “hand over the box”.

But he surprised to see that few fish bones and breadcrumbs were in the box. Noori said she did not like royal foods she missed her village foods therefore her brother bring some fishes bones and breadcrumbs for her when he visits there.

After this incident, Prince Jam Tamchi impressed with her, and his love enhances more for her.

But unfortunately, one day Noori died even in the life of Prince. He made her tomb in the middle of the Keenjhar lake. Because they both met their first time.

Even though , many years have been passed but even today, people remember their love story.

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