Know All About Canvas Prints in Washington DC

Before you go for canvas prints, you should comprehend what you are signing up for. If you are confused between canvas prints and their acrylic or mounted counterparts, you should know the difference before placing your order.

Canvas prints denote printed canvas fabric. The images are printed on the fabric utilizing an inkjet printer. Subsequently, this canvas is stretched across a frame. While some favor framed canvas prints, others could prefer having frameless borders. Printers handling unframed canvas print orders often utilize the gallery-wrapping technique, where the canvas gets wrapped around the stretcher bars and is held to the frame.

Acrylic prints are professional-grade photo papers printed with the image. Next, the image is positioned between acrylic sheets. Mounted prints have a backing board to which the paper prints are tied up. Such prints focus on protecting the image and preparing it for being framed or hung on a surface.

Why Pick Canvas Prints in Washington DC

You can incite a creative feel with your canvas prints in Washington DC by Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays. You can utilize them to add individuality to your space and cover your bare walls without paying a hefty sum of money. Since almost any image can be printed on canvas prints, you will get a lot of flexibility to tailor them to meet your needs. Need some more reasons to start embracing canvas prints? If yes, the following could let you decide.

  • Vibrant appearance: Due to their textured surface, canvas prints in Washington DC add a certain level of depth to the colors to create an alluring and vivid appearance. Though it depends on the image, at times, canvas prints can appear as if they are original paintings.
  • Durability: Compared to photographic papers, canvas prints are more durable. Images printed on canvas don’t get distorted and aren’t susceptible to moisture. Canvas prints are also harder to pull apart and don’t become paler, unlike their paper counterparts.
  • More affordable: Compared to the cost of contemporary photo printings as well as the expenses required to mount them after framing, pre-framed canvas prints are more reasonably priced. This makes it easy to display them on your walls as soon as you get them.
  • Zero glare: Framed images or those printed on glossy paper can give out glare when positioned in brightly lit spaces. This distracts onlookers from the principal subject. But canvas prints that have a matte or satin finish don’t give out glare, thus making them ideal for brightly lit spaces.
  • Creative design solutions: You can divide a solitary image into parts, which are then be printed on multiple canvases to create the entire picture. This is an excellent design solution that looks innovative and eye-catching. However, this complex process can’t be executed with paper photos.

Types of Canvases

Before placing your order for canvas prints in Washington DC, you will need to decide the type of canvas that works well for your requirements. Typically, there are three fundamental types.

  • Canvas-on-demand: Also called custom canvas, it’s made from your images, and you have the flexibility to select the canvas size and other options. From mini-sized and medium canvas prints to oversized ones, you can take your pick. In terms of shape, you can choose from rectangular, square, hexagon, etc. When it comes to designs, a lot of variety is on offer, from contemporary prints in exclusive silhouettes and bold colors to abstract designs, motivational quotes, maps, and landscapes can be selected.
  • Stock prints: These refer to ready canvases portraying photos or paintings that are widely distributed. These canvas prints are pretty affordable as no customization is on offer, and you will have to buy what’s available with the print shop.
  • Limited edition prints: These are the priciest varieties, as they are typically unique works by distinguished artists and come equipped with certificates of authenticity.

Print Partner for Your Canvas Prints in Washington DC

Thanks to its 4+ decades of experience in the printing industry, Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays is your local sign company in Washington, DC for high-quality canvas prints. This veteran-owned, full-service printer has wowed hundreds and thousands of local clients with eye-catching results and can add you to the list too. Contact it today for your canvas prints in Washington DC to get superb results, along with value for money.

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