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There’s a second in Life is Strange: True Colors wherein protagonist Alex angrily throws a pitcher bottle throughout a room. It smashes into the other wall, leaving masses of shards scattered throughout the floor. Her rage is white-warm however simplest lasts an immediate earlier than it quickly melts away.

It’s an exceptionally aggravating scene, however, Alex’s movements are absolutely understandable. Her brother, the simplest own circle of relatives she has, is useless and she’s now simply coming across his demise may not were a coincidence. The inner ache is an excessive amount of and it overwhelms her. True Colours is all approximately the electricity of feelings, correct and bad, and looking at Alex discover ways to apprehend and discover her very own emotions sits on the coronary heart of True Colors.

I’m used to Living is Strange yanking on my heartstrings, however with Alex it is different. Life is Strange has usually been a chain for approximate teenagers coping with trauma, however, Alex is the primary who, in the course of the whole recreation, is purely targeted on processing her feelings and people of others around her. Where the collection has formerly dabbled in time travel, telekinesis, and mind-studying, Alex’s superpower is that she will be able to experience humans’ heightened feelings or even soak up them into her body, relieving them in their anger, sadness, and tension if she chooses. If someone is feeling an amazing emotion, she will be able to see their glowing, colored auras and apprehend what they may be going thru. She’s essentially a human temper ring.

Her empathic powers advanced even as she changed into withinside the foster care machine, however luckily her long-misplaced brother Gabe manages to get in contact together along with her and invitations her to stay with him in Haven Springs, Colorado. Their reunion is alas short-lived as Gabe receives stuck in a coincidence and dies, leaving each Alex and the citizens of Haven Springs in despair. But Alex starts offevolved to experience like something changed into off approximately his demise, and so begins offevolved investigating the tranquil mining metropolis to discover what clearly happened, the use of her powers to peer the townsfolk’s proper nature.

Hot Head

Life is Strange certain does love old fashioned American towns, and True Colors’ Haven Springs slots into the collection’ excursion of the United States nicely. It’s quite as a postcard—the Rocky Mountains performing as a stunning backdrop to the lakeside metropolis, its unmarried road of stores, and its near-knit community. It’s now no longer simply picturesque Colorado doing all of the paintings through—True Colors is Life is Strange’s maximum visually luscious recreation thus far. To position it simply, it is beautiful and I in reality desired to take my time and discover each corner and cranny. The metropolis may also simplest have one important road however it is dense with information and characters you may engage with. Cutscenes additionally appearance high-quality, and with a few smart lighting fixtures and a string of fairy lights, Deck Nine’s artwork course is so quality even the dingy nearby pub looks as if a mystical tavern from a delusion recreation.

Deck Nine has persevered Life is Strange’s signature exploration machine wherein you engage with objects to get extra records approximately the world. Examining photos, searching at flyers, and studying newspaper clippings is a high-quality manner to study extra approximately the NPCs and the records of the metropolis. But what makes this machine clean in True Colours is likewise helps you to get to recognize extra approximately the recreation’s protagonist.

Before you meet her, Alex has lived an eventful life. Learning approximately her time in foster care from her diary entries or studying letters from her pen buddies facilitates fleshing out her character quickly. It’s now no longer frequently we get to play as an individual who has been thru the foster care machine or a person who has been traumatized with the aid of using it, and Deck Nine handles her scenario with the maximum care. We get to recognize who Alex is as someone, her records, and her strengths. Life is Strange protagonists commonly are available in duos like Max and Cloe, Daniel and Shaun, or Tyler and Alyson. In True Colors, Alex is the whole focus, so we are usually studying extra approximately her life.

People depart a mark on objects they are related to, and Alex is capable of faucet into that and discover extra approximately a selected person

Alex’s empathetic superpower is labored into exploration, too. People depart a mark on objects they are related to, and Alex is capable of faucet into that and discover extra approximately a selected person—their thoughts, their feelings. Picking up something like a mug should monitor that a person is tormented by paintings stress, or preserving a telecellsmartphone may reveal the owner’s tension approximately receiving a selected call.

These supernatural hints paintings clearly nicely in a tale approximately a younger girl studying to apprehend her feelings, however, her electricity’s good judgment is inconsistent and a piece wishy-washy. Often, while a person’s feeling an extreme emotion, Alex can get crushed with the aid of using their presence, however, there are different instances while this rule is completely forgotten. She has the electricity to do away with what humans are feeling with the aid of using soaking up their feelings, however, it does not clearly have an effect on her very own emotional state. It’s now no longer trouble overall, however, there are moments withinside the tale wherein her electricity appears like a writer’s device to power the tale, now no longer something Alex wishes to apprehend and discover ways to control.

Life is Strange is understood for its selections and the drama that ripples out from it. The dreaded ‘this motion may have consequences’ could make your belly begin to do somersaults. I did not clearly get that feeling in True Colors. The critical choices simplest repay on the quit of the recreation, that’s a long term to attend to peer how your selections grew to become out. It’s something I ignored while playing, and even though you’ve got your hip, beanie-sporting drummer Steph, and hunky park ranger Ryan as near friends, there are only a few selections that have an effect on your interpersonal relationships with humans. Alex can, however, determine thus far both Steph or Ryan, in a significant relationship, each character being adorable ability companions who apprehend Alex and her electricity. It’s high-quality to peer Deck Nine persevering with Life is Strange’s splendidly queer illustration with Alex being bisexual.

Emotional Baggage

Although True Colors has its pitfalls, I actually have in no way had this a great deal of laughs with a Life is Strange recreation. Previous video games withinside the collection have treated a few distinctly heavy topics, like convincing a chum now no longer to leap off the roof of construction or experiencing horrendous racism, so even if there are glad moments, they frequently stumble upon as sour-sweet, a fleeting second in an unfair world. True Colors has its truthful percentage of drama, however, it additionally has moments of high-quality pleasure. The complete emotional spectrum is present, from white warm anger at her brother’s demise to the natural pleasure of LARPing with a set of friends—Alex reports all of this deeply, and all inside a tale that respects her emotions.

When Alex throws the glass bottle throughout the room it is shocking, however now no longer simply due to the act itself, however, due to the fact ladies do not get to do it enough. Women in video games, and media extra broadly, are usually demonized for expressing themselves like this, frequently being categorized as hysterical, a ‘loopy bitch’, or too emotional. Unless a girl is screaming a war cry as they run headfirst into war, a girl’s anger is subsequent to non-existent in video games. To see Alex lash out in anger and frustration over her merciless situations is each high-quality and heartbreaking—an emotional gut-punch.

True Colors is complete of those moments. It’s a tale that shall we a younger queer girl unashamedly cry, scream, and enjoy pleasure lose from shame, and that is something distinctly special.

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