Men’s Preppy Fashion: Do’s and Don’ts

Are you tired of seeing ripped and baggy jeans and love the charm and sophistication of a polo shirt? If you answered a loud yes to this, it is time you embrace preppy fashion. The style has been around for decades but was at its height in the 50s but its influence lingered on until the early 90s.

And now it’s back! Preppy fashion has found a resurgence, and clean, sharp lines in menswear are everywhere. “It’s the quintessential American look,” says Richard Press of J. Press, and we agree.

he Basic Updates

The building blocks of preppy style revolve around timeless basics, which can and should be paired with each other. When it comes to tops, staples like button-downs, polo shirts, henleys, and basic t-shirts are essential to building a preppy closet. Get all of them when you click here to visit mens fleece jacket.

For bottoms, we recommend you avoid dark colors and grab medium-wash jeans, light-colored chinos, and navy and khaki shorts. While preppy fashion celebrates print and color for men, we recommend building a neutral foundation for your closet first.

Don’t Be Scared To Play With Color and Print

Once you have your basics out of the way, it is time to have some fun! Use neutral pieces to ground loud prints. Stripes, and checks, being a favorite in preppy fashion, so insert them into your closet freely.

If you can’t take on a print straight off the bat, use a monochrome color instead. Switch out your basic v-neck with a polo shirt in deep blue, and pair it with light-colored chinos and boat shoes for an easy everyday outfit that exudes preppy confidence.

Do Care About Fit

While this rule of thumb is essential for everyone, it becomes necessary when trying to embody the look of the polished preppy style. Every little detail matters – from the way your shirt fits around the shoulders to the length of your trousers.

We recommend buying a size up and getting it tailored to your frame. This will immediately make you stand out from the rest and ensure your clothes follow preppy fashion rules without looking forced.

Don’t Be Scared To Layer

You might already be familiar with the classic varsity jacket and t-shirt combo, which is often associated with preppy fashion. While this look does scream preppy, there are so many other iterations that have the same energy.

Do not be scared to layer if you want to embody this style. Start with a simple button-down shirt and put on a basic sweater over it while letting your collar peak through the edge. To finish the look, add a blazer on top. If you want to dress up your look, add a pocket square in a contrasting color.

This traditional combination is heavily seen in preppy fashion. Once you have mastered it, you can add contrasting colors, another preppy fashion must-have.

Do Keep It Classic

Preppy fashion is built on classic menswear fashion and prides itself on walking the fine line between casual and formal. So, focus on this aspect of the style and forget about trendy items, and incorporate timeless essentials.

Skip the logos as well; only a few primary menswear brand master in preppy fashion, and apart from them, we wouldn’t advise you to add any overt branding to your clothes.

Don’t  Be Scared To Accessories

From belts to cufflinks to even socks, anyone who wears preppy fashion isn’t afraid to throw on an accessory or two. There isn’t a specific rule here, except that you should be open to exploring and finishing your outfits with accessories.

Do Experiment

This classic style has seen many iterations, from colorful pastel suits to somber neutrals, and the only way to find out what works for you is to try them all out.

While we love taking inspiration from magazines, the key to mastering preppy fashion is to experience it. Only then will you be able to find your version of the style.

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