Most Recommended Massage Parlor in Taman Molek

Are you ready for a massage in Taman Molek? Taman Molek was established in the middle of the 1990s to increase the area’s real estate and open up new possibilities. It is now a busy town in Johor Bahru that attracts a lot of tourists for its entertainment options as well as the taman molek restaurant. This area has seen an increase in residential development and people are increasingly choosing it to be their permanent home.

You might long to unwind and let go of the hustle and bustle of this commercial hub. A massage can help you relax, as well as release tension in your muscles. You’re in luck if this is you! SGMYTRIPS has compiled the following list of top massage parlours in Taman Molek.

2. Sawadee Thai Spa

The Sawadee Thai Spa is located at Jalan Molek 2/3, in the middle row of shops. This place has the perfect lighting and furnishings. For the convenience of their customers, there are plenty of parking spaces outside the store.

The same type of massage is offered here as the name suggests, the traditional Thai massage. These masseuses are skilled and experienced, and know what they’re doing.

The massage is not too gentle nor too hard. It is just right to get rid of any knots in your neck and other areas that may need de-tensing.

2. Family Spa & Massage

The Family Spa & Massage takes a more natural route to a spa or massage centre. It is decorated with rustic touches and reflects nature’s theme. It is surrounded with vegetation from bushes to potted Ferns. The interior is lined with straw hats and wooden furniture, which adds a sense of nostalgia to the peaceful atmosphere.

A pre-natal massage is available for pregnant mothers to be. It targets the areas that are most affected by excess weight and helps ease the strains of motherhood. Expecting women will love the combination of the spa and full-body aroma massage. If you’re in the area, this is a must-try.

3.  Healthy Foot Reflexology

The Healthy Foot Reflexology, located along Jalan Molek 3/100 is a small massage centre that has a lot to do. Although the exterior is not representative of the interior, there are many in-house professionals who specialize in different types and styles of massage.

They offer a foot massage that is perfect for after a long day shopping or fun outside. This massage is executed flawlessly by the masseuses. They don’t exert too much force to make it uncomfortable, but enough to make it enjoyable.

These massages are very affordable, so you should definitely stop by if your looking for a great foot massage at a reasonable price.

4. Amy Chia Beauty Salon

The Amy Chia Beauty Spa specializes in spa treatments for women. They offer a wide range of treatments, from facials to nail treatments, and they also provide massages.

The spa-themed therapy sessions are offered by trained professionals who will provide the most relaxing and soothing treatment you’ll ever have. It is simply breathtaking, with the aromatherapeutic fragrances pre-set.

5. Master Chai Reflexology

Master Chai’s Reflexology Centre is one of the most well-known and well-decorated venues in the region. It specializes in all things therapeutic, relaxing and other related activities.

This establishment features many plaques, inscriptions, wallpaper and other decorations that reflect ancient feudal China.

You can get full body massages, half-body massages, and body part massages. However, they also offer foot massages that are done on-site by an experienced masseuse. This makes it easy to walk around the grounds afterward with no tension in the muscles.

This is a great spot with an amazing atmosphere.

6. Kaki Kaki Reflexology Taman Molek

The Kaki Kaki Reflexology Tman Molek, one of many branches of the Kaki Kaki massage parlours is another centre that provides the best in relaxation. This group strives to be the best and are succeeding in achieving their goals.

Their famous foot massage is the best. This massage effectively relieves all discomfort from your feet to your ankles, and is a great way to wash away any built-up grime after a long day walking around Taman Molek. Relax and enjoy the pampering.

After a busy and fulfilling day, go to a massage parlor to receive massage services from professional masseurs to relieve stress and relax muscles. Massage is a very comfortable thing, and it is very much needed by men, women, and children!

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