Nagorno Karabakh Ceasefire agreement

Today in this article we will discuss the Nagorno Karabakh Ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In July 2020, the first shots were fired but the war broke out completely at the end of September 2020. It has been one of the worst fighting there in 25 years. The region of the dispute is commonly known as Nagorno Karabakh.

Nagorno Karabakh lies within the Azerbaijan border which is internationally part of this county. But the thing is Armenian,s control the Nagorno Karabakh.

Nagorno Karabakh ceasefire agreement

The ceasefire deal was signed on 9 November 2020. However, the ceasefire deal which was brokered by Russia ended the conflict between Armenian and Azerbaijan forces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin motivates both countries for a ceasefire agreement. They deployed there almost 2000 troops when the ceasefire came into effect. According to the deal, Armenian forces will leave areas that are under the Azeris control. However, the ceasefire saves the lives of many people.

Nagorno Karabakh region

Almost 5% of Azeri territory lives there. And almost twice of it controlled by Armenian forces. Around 150,000 people live here. However, they hold their own election and govern themselves.

It is a mountainous region. Armenian claims that this region is under Armenian control since the 1992 war. Armenian government supports this region politically and militarily.

Border countries

Armenia and Azerbaijan share borders with Iran. Armenia also shares a border with Turkey. But the Turkish supports Azerbaijan. Turkey was an ally of Azerbaijan for a long period of time. Russia supports to Armenians but hiddenly because they provide weapons to both countries.

Nagorno-karabakh the Warzone

According to officials, most of the Armenians who live there are force to leave. Because of heavy shelling people are living in the basement of their houses. They both fights with each other. Armenia says Azerbaijan attacked first. Azerbaijan says they are breaking the peace.

Turkey supports Azerbaijan because most of the population almost 94% here is Muslim like Turkish people. They are also the same culturally. Most of the people in Azerbaijan are Turkish speaking. However, Azerbaijan also using military drones supplied by Turkey and Israel.

Benefits of Turkey in Azerbaijan land

Almost 90% of Azerbaijan export depend on this region. It is rich in oil and gas. Azerbaijan is the biggest supplier of natural gas for Turkey. Therefore, instability here is bad for business all around. Azeri,s says that Armenians attack a major oil pipeline but the Armenians deny these statements.

Armenian anger on ceasefire agreement

The Armenian sees the agreement as humiliating and for some, the anger was too much. The next day protesters started to arrive in front of parliament.

Armenians saying that we are the majority population. We have lived here for centuries. We are surrounded by Armenian churches and cemeteries. And we don’t trust Azerbaijan to rule over us and that is completely unacceptable.

Emotions were high and they demand the resign of Armenia Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan. They said the prime minister signed the agreement secretly without the people’s opinion. It,s a crime.

Armenians lost the seven Azeri regions. Thousand of their soldiers has also lost their lives in the war. This is now a very difficult time for the Armenian people and the prime minister too. The Prime minister of Armenia was under international pressure to sign the agreement.



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