Naureen Azharuddin – The First Wife of Mohammad Azharuddin

If you’re wondering about Naureen Azharuddin’s net worth, Her marriage to Mohammad Azharuddin, and even her Facebook account, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some insider info. This first wife of Mohammad Azharuddin has kept a low profile and is not prone to interacting with the media. But she recently shared one surprising detail.

Mohammad Azharuddin’s first wife

The name Naureen may not be familiar to you. But it is definitely known to Mohammad fans as the first wife of the late actor Mohammad Azharuddin. Although their relationship lasted for almost a decade, the couple split up in 2001. Apparently, Mohammad had an extramarital affair with Sangeeta Bijlani.

Before becoming Azharuddin’s first wife, Naureen Azharuddin was an accomplished finance accountant. She attended college in Bengaluru and earned her bachelor’s degree there. However, she has not divulged her education level to the media. Nonetheless, it is believed that Azharuddin married his first wife because she wished to be closer to her son.

The couple divorced in 2010, but in 2015, the couple reunited. Azhar was reportedly involved with badminton player Jwala Gutta, who married the ex-cricket star in 2010. The divorce ended their relationship, and the two are now living apart. The former couple had four children and two daughters. The two remained friends for a short period after their marriage.

Her relationship with Azhar

When she first met Azhar, she was shocked. He was rarely home. The children were shy of him. The relationship deteriorated gradually. Azhar stopped coming home frequently. Despite this, he would still be at the house during family functions. Eventually, the relationship ended when the couple decided to separate. Naureen felt helpless and lost confidence in her relationship with Azhar. But in recent months, she has changed her attitude.

The alleged match-fixing scandal shook the nation. But the couple did not reveal the truth. Azhar was married to another woman and Naureen’s first wife was an actress. Azhar’s relationship with Naureen has been revealed in an upcoming Bollywood film. In the movie, Naureen is played by Prachi Desai. The film depicts the relationship as a love triangle.

Her net worth

According to her wiki page, Naureen Azharuddin is an Indian model and TV personality. She is the daughter of Mohammad Azharuddin. Despite their close bond, the couple separated in 1996. Mohammad reportedly abused Naureen after she became pregnant. After the breakup, Naureen remarried and is now living with her new husband. Although her second marriage remains a mystery, it is believed she has two children with her new man.

In addition to her husband’s public profile, Naureen doesn’t have a personal account on social media. She appears on her son’s Instagram account occasionally. However, she hasn’t divulged her source of income. She has been a private person and is not very active on social media. It is unclear if Naureen Azharuddin has a high net worth.

Her Facebook account

While there are no public accounts of Naureen Azharuddin on social media, we have noticed that she appears on her son’s Instagram posts. While it is unclear whether Naureen is rich or not, it is safe to say that her husband, Mohammad Azharuddin, has a net worth of over 6 crore Indian rupees. In fact, Mohammad Azharuddin is one of the highest-paid actors in Bollywood, earning over 6 crore Indian rupees.

The first time we met Naureen, she was 16 years old, and had just finished her board exams. The two were immediately drawn to each other and got married in 1987. The couple have two children together. While they are still living together, the two of them are rumored to be separated. Naureen hasn’t revealed the identity of her second husband. While she keeps this information private, her first son has shared the news of the second marriage with the media.

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