New year and us

We are officially in 2021. The year of new resolutions, ideas, vows, and new development on self and world level. This is now a routine to celebrate the last night of the previous year with ideas that next year will be of great happiness and gratitude. The new year is not a new era but a change of date from one month to another.

The main problem with us is that we did not get and understand our past year’s mistakes. We look at the future without analyzing past mistakes and continuously repeat the same error every single coming day. Let analysis the glimpses of the 2020 year which definitely change our lifestyle and even our personalities.


COVID-19 is not such a small-time disease or catastrophe which will be forgotten in the coming 100 years. It changed everything around us and even the concepts of scientists and technologists that we could beat any problem with our modern technologies. Many of us lost our dear and close friends and relatives due to COVID-19. The loss and space created by some people will be filled with just sad talks and ceremonies. All these losses are strongly related to our error in the system and not following the SOPs as described by the doctors.

The main question arises that what lesson we get from such catastrophe? The answer is, we did not get any lesson. We still do not know the SOPs of our life. However, we continuously allow ceremonies, marriages, and gatherings, etc. We haven’t changed our systems to online technology to allow minimum contact among people and stop the COVID-19. How will we able to compete with developed countries even we did not follow simple rules of our betterment and advancement towards development.

Online Education

People having the courage, passion, eagerness and emotional attachments will get education whatever the hurdles and obstacles have in their way. This statement is not applicable to everyone because it has some serious constraints. Online education is one of the most criticized subjects in 2020. All this abuse and profanity against online education is not because it’s a bad way of education but due to the wrong outcomes. In Pakistan, people are such backward that we did not accept the change in our thoughts and ideas with internet things.

The losses we faced due to the gap in an academic year would not be compensated with anything. But accepting change in the education system is not something of a great deal. All developed countries followed the same system for the past 30 years. We did not learn from such countries. We did not give proper training to students and teachers about online education. The teachers who are the guiders of the nation, do not do proper work and do not fulfill their responsibilities. That’s why we are far beyond the world.

Global warming

The industrial revolution is of great importance in human development and evolution. It plays a great role in the world’s economic growth, change of see world differently. With the advancement in industrial growth, many problems seem to be produced for the so-called industrial man. The main and important is global warming.

Global warming is not direct by product of industries but it produced from the smokes and waste materials in the outer land. Chemical engineers and environmental scientists are working day and night to solve or even reduce the amount of smoke emission.

The temperature of the earth is increasing 5 degrees every year. Along with the efforts to solve this problem, many industries are now installed with no proper safety measurements and no certified insurances for environmental safety.

Many countries haven’t any strict rules for this problem and such regulations. The world is facing real problems but many of us did not give any attention except a few of us. They strongly believe that 2021 will bring change in development but the problems in the past are continuously growing and at a very fast rate.

Social media’s freedom

Communication and connecting with dear ones are now very easy with just small tools. It’s important to get information and knowledge around our world, which is now very handful by using social media platforms on our smartphones.

The media of entertainment, hobbies, and even knowledge is strongly changed with the social media influence. Everything in the world has two impacts: Bad one and a good one which is not surprising. The problem is when the bad impacts are really and fast dominating the good ones. This is the main issue the world, is facing and especially in Pakistan.

Social media platforms cover every aspect of life like, religion, sports, entertainment, movies, business, freelancing, and now education. The bad impact of social media is very much influence our life instead of good impact. Many social media platforms like Tiktok, Snapchat, and now Twitter and Facebook have really impacted our daily life and even personal life.

Problems like Islamophobia, xenophobia, extremist type posts and videos, sect-related posts, etc are really bad for the growth of the young generation. It will disturb the whole future of the generation in bad and horrible ways.

2021 will also be the same if we will not consider these platforms with seriousness and do not take great steps to solve the problems. The talent will not come from these platforms but educate generations with good knowledge, good behavior, and great growth.

Jobs deficiencies

To fulfill the need and other wishes of life, a person will do a job. The job basically represents indirectly the development and growth of country’s economy. Jobs are the basic right of human beings. With the required knowledge and skill, everyone should get jobs.

What if the country has no such jobs to offer? How will be the need of his people should be fulfilled? What is the reason for job deficiencies? What is the solution to these problems?

The answer is lied in solving the past year’s errors and mistakes by developing new opportunities. The construction of industrial sectors but to ensure climate safety will create all more job opportunities.

Due to COVID-19, the whole world is facing the same job problem. Many countries have online freelancing jobs which had to encourage people to do online earning much better than the 9 to 5 jobs. We must also encourage such an approach but honesty and time management are really important.

Feminism concern

God Almighty divided the whole human generation into Men and Women, not on the basis of supremacy or slavery system but due to the reason that they help each other n emotions, ideas, thoughts, tension circumstances and importantly I personal problems.

If we divided into one gender, the whole problem will not be solved because all will have the same ideas and solutions. Now in 2020, the world is facing feminism problems. The main points of this movement are:

1. Equal education with men
2. Equal human rights
3. Equal pay with men
4. Equal job opportunities
5. Equal rights to be independent

Many other points are also included with these, but these are very important. Women should also get equal education as men do. Many areas of Pakistan are so backward that women’s education is considered a sin. What a shame.

Human rights and job opportunities are very few in our society’s culture. Our society applied many constraints on women due to Islamic law, social values, morality, and ethics, etc. All these do not apply to men. WHY?

All problems were faced by us in 2020 and even before 2020. The past year is really worth mention-able because it affected us some much of the core of our systems that the change and improvement will be necessary.

The simple solution to these problems is to learn from mistakes and take new year opportunities really seriously if we want to not repeat such mistakes, catastrophes, and many unfortunate incidents.

The reviewing of the whole policies will be very difficult but we need to work together and work from small scale to large one. INSHALLAH, we will overcome such problems in running and coming years.

The feminism problem should be solved immediately otherwise it will disturb our cultural values. All opportunities should be given to women. After changing our concepts about women’s respect and values, society will move fast and with great outcomes.

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