On-Page SEO Issues

There are numerous common On-page SEO issues that affect many sites’ optimization efforts. But, you should be aware of such issues, because they affect your traffic and your user credibility, and, as a result, lead to profit losses.

On-page SEO issues

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is any content on your website that is the same or very similar to other content of your website or across multiple websites.

Search engines are designed to make the web a good place for users; valuable, and unique content is highly appreciated by both search engines and users. 

The worst thing that can happen from it, is that a less desirable version of the page will be shown in search results.

Duplicate content can rank down the site and google determine the original source of the content and display it.

Missing Alt Tags and Broken Images

Most of the sites have images with missing alt tags, and some have broken internal images. Both of these are problematic.

Alt tags are important to image search. Although alt tags help the search engines to understand what images are about.

Broken images are dead ends for users and search engines, and they can cause you to rank down your website because they create a bad user experience. 

They can lead to a higher bounce rate and, as a result, they might be one cause of bad search engine performance.

 Title Tag Issues

Search engines use title tags to understand what the pages are. It appears at the top of search listings, which means they also help web users decide to follow your link. 

Title tags are also one of the most important SEO elements on your page, properly optimized title tags can impact the rankings in a positive way and motivate others to visit your page.

Google always wants to deliver unique and authoritative content to users. Missing and duplicate title tags don’t provide relevant information about a page’s content to users or search engines.

Duplicate title tags affect the sites.
  • Overly long title tags impact the sites.
  • Missing or too short title tags are problematic.
Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions that are showing up in search results help web users decide whether to visit your site or not. 

Some sites have duplicate meta descriptions and few sites have no meta descriptions at all.

Although meta description doesn’t influence page ranking directly, the relevance of meta description influence page CTR(click-through rate), which is important. 

Broken Internal and External Links

Broken links are a big on-page SEO problem. As you update resources when your site grows, one or two broken links might not be a problem. 

If a user sees a 404 page instead of the useful content information they wanted, it causes a traffic dropdown. 

As a result, users will perceive your site as low-quality. Broken links are also a waste of your crawl budget. 

When a search engine visits your website, they don’t crawl your entire site, they crawl a certain number of pages, but not your entire site. 

If you have a lot of broken links, it will divert the search engine’s attention from your pages which actually matters, your pages won’t be crawled and indexed.

Too Many On-page Links

Most sites had too many on-page links on some pages. Good SEO involves having a natural link profile that includes relevant and high-quality links.

Too many links can weaken the value of your page and send most of your traffic away. However, if the links are relevant, then the site will rank.

These common issues are affecting many sites’ optimization efforts. But, you should be aware of such issues, because they affect your traffic and your user credibility, and, as a result, lead to profit losses, And that can destroy your website’s ranking in SERPs.

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