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Ever since Pakistan and India were formed, Pakistan has befriended the United States and India has befriended Russia. Then there was the fierce competition between the United States and Russia, There were two superpowers in the world. The main reason for Pakistan’s tremendous growth in the 1950s and 1960s was friendship with the United States. But today the situation has changed a lot. The heart of America is in India and Russia is looking at Pakistan as a strategic partner. On the other hand, Russia and China are watching the United States.
In 1947, Russia opened its embassy in India and established diplomatic relations, but diplomatic relations with Pakistan began in May 1948. When the British left in 1947, all the resources were in India and the population was in India. Therefore, both the United States and Russia first wanted to be friends with India. Pandit Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, had a socilist temperament, so he became close to Russia.

Obviously, Russia was already ready. It was wise to get closer to Russia Because was a country in the region. Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and socialist Russia hated the concept of religion. Pakistan needed arms to compete with India but Russia was already selling arms to India. Due to many such things, the friendship between Pakistan and Russia could not deepen. The progressive movement in Pakistan was very strong in the 1950s and 1960s. It was a group of opinion leaders. They all had socialist thinking.

Russia treated them all with great respect, so Russia’s relations with Pakistan were not very close, but they never happened. Bhutto had a socialist temperament. His politics was against the United States. When his government came, relations with Russia suddenly started to improve. Russia set up a steel mill with Pakistan and started working on many small and big projects. Now it is our miracle that we have destroyed Pakistan’s steel mill, otherwise it is one of the few steel mills in the world that are in port city, it could have given a very long prophet. This steel mill was started in 1973.

In the next few years, Pakistan’s relations with Russia were improving very fast but then suddenly something happened that changed the world. Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and the war lasted for ten years. Because of Russia, the United States was also ready to enter the war. The United States and fighting proxy war around the world at the time. In recent years, Russia has defeated the United States in several wars. But the Pakistani ISI also jumped into the fray in Afghanistan. Pakistan was afraid that the war in Afghanistan would not come to Balochistan and Russia would not try to occupy the coast.

Pakistani Brain, American Weapons and Afghan Courage Together Defeat Greatest Military Power Ever. Russia had spent a lot of money in this war. The economic situation was so bad that there was no money left to pay for its army. Russia is broken from within. In the last 50 years in this region, we have seen two countries fall apart, one is Russia and the other is our Pakistan. By 1991, 15 independent countries had seceded from Russia. Socialist Russia is over. When Russia broke up, the United States also started settling all scores with Pakistan.

When Pakistan was fighting the Afghan war as a partner of the United States, at the same time it was making an atom bomb for itself. The United States was very angry but it remained silent because it needed Pakistan. When Russia saw the break-up, the US imposed trade sanctions on Pakistan and offered India friendship. India also agreed at the same time because India’s friend Russia had broken up. So he also saw the benefit of befriending a super power.

America’s friendship with India deepened and Pakistan forgot about it. On the other hand, Pakistan became closer to Russia and China. Instead of fighting Pakistan based on Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, Russia began to look at Pakistan with great respect. In 1999, Prime Minister Sharif visited Moscow. In 2002, a memorable meeting between President General Pervez Musharraf and President Putin. In 2007, a Russian prime minister visited Pakistan after 38 years. And since China has taken a leading role in the region, the friendship between Russia and Pakistan has deepened. In the time of General Raheel, both the countries had started military exercises.

After 9/11, the United States needed Pakistan, but in terms of business, it was not friendship. Pakistan remained close to China. It was not a mistake to blindly trust the United States. On the other hand, Russia and China were developing deep friendship. China has a strong economy and Russia has a strong military. China wants to trade a lot with Europe and so under the BRI it is building huge economic corridors through Russia. Some time ago, President Putin issued a policy statement that the region’s problems would be solved in the region.

Basically, it was a warning to the United States not to interfere in the affairs of the region. Because China and Russia have become very powerful and the United States has become much weaker than before. After gaining both economic and military power, China and Russia have now started moving towards the whole world together. BRI is a network that connects Africa, Asia and Europe through the fastest routes. If this happens, it will obviously get the most prophet start partners and Pakistan is the third most important partner in this project.

Pakistan is giving a way of Russia and China to the Africa and Arabia markets. And that is why Russia is now holding military exercises with Pakistan. At the end of 2019, a group of Russians visited Pakistan. In the same year, Imran Khan invited Putin to visit Pakistan. Russia and Pakistan have now become partner countries. Rather, it should be said that these have become some teams on one side are the United States and India and on the other side are Pakistan, China and Russia.

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area but Pakistan is larger than Russia in terms of population. The two countries have a lot to offer each other. It should also be remembered that Pakistan was the country that caused Russia to break up so it was not easy for Russia to make friends with Pakistan but when Russia took one step then Pakistan also took two steps today Pakistan, China and Russia’s friendship has become much stronger because the future of the three is intertwined.

Obviously, the US does not like this friendship, so it wants to use India to harass Pakistan, China and Russia. The game is on. Everyone is moving forward very carefully, but the final declaration of friendship between Pakistan and Russia will be made when President Putin visits Pakistan. To date, no Russian president has visited Pakistan. It will be a historic day and it looks like that day is very close.

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