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Pakistan has a strong religious, economic, social, cultural, historical and strategic relationship with Saudi Arab. The mutual relations between the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan is brotherly and friendly since the independence of Pakistan. Saudi Arabia is the largest Peninsula/Gulf and the home of the two religious holiest cities of Islam: Makkah Mukarmah and Madina Monawarah, the destination of all Muslims Pilgrims from all over the world. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have maintained respectable relations which are improving with the passage of time.
Ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have been strong for decades, Pakistan is responsible for the security of Saudi Arabia, up to 2,000 Pakistani soldiers are in Saudi Arabia at all times. Many Saudi soldiers and pilots are Pakistanis. The story of Saudi Arabia begins in 1744 when Muhammad Saud And Maulana Abdul Wahab together founded the building of Daria.

the state spread very fast due to the combination of religion and politics. It was ruled by the Saud dynasty and had the same flag as Saudi Arabia at the time. In the 1920s, when World War I ended and the Ottoman Empire collapsed, Arab tribes ruled the region, particularly in Makkah and Madina. The then leader of the Al Saud tribe conquered one region after another and laid the foundation of Saudi Arabia we know today, The Arab came into being in the 1930s, which we see on the map.

In the 1940s Saudi princes visited Karachi they have welcomed Abdul Hassan Isfahan and some senior leaders from the India Muslim League. In 1943, when there was a severe famine in the Bengal region, at the request of the Quaid-e-Azam, Saudi Arabia gave ten thousand pounds, which was a huge amount at the time, He sent to help Bengal. In 1946, a delegation of the All India Muslim League led by Esfahani sarhad reached the United Nation, At that time, the All India Muslim League congress was not allowing the delegation of the Muslim League to meet the UN delegation.

Because it had become the representative party of India itself. Then, presiding over the Saudi delegation, Prince Faisal hosted the Muslim League at his hotel and held meetings with senior UN officials. Prince Faisal later became the King of Saudi Arabia and after him, we named Shahra-e-Faisal, Faisal Masjid of Islamabad. Pakistan had a good relation in 1950, 1960 then friendship with Saudi Arabia. Pakistan had the technology and skills However Saudi Arabia was rich because of oil, the friendship continued, But a new turning point in this friendship came when Pakistan fought a war with India in 1965.

The war did not work out but the Saudis saw the strength of the Pakistani army. Talks of Pakistan’s joint defence with the Saudis began immediately after the war. In 1968, Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz came to Islamabad and became the protocol of joint defence. Simply put, Pakistan took responsibility for Saudi Arabia’s defence. In 1974, when India experimented with nuclear device exploration. Then Pakistan immediately engaged in nuclear research. Then the Prime Minister, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, requested financial assistance from the Saudis, The Saudis also gave generously.
Pakistan is moving away from the United States. China is challenging America everywhere and Pakistan has considered China as a partner instead of America. The US wanted Pakistan’s help in stopping China. On Pakistan’s refusal, the US is making all its friendships with India and the Saudis. The Saudis do not want distance from Pakistan at all.

When Pakistan asked the Saudis to support us on the Kashmir issue, the Saudis refused. Pakistan did not like this refusal. Relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have been straightforward. Saudi used to give money and Pakistan used to protect them. Pakistan respected the Saudis. Sometimes it was a little bitter when the Saudis said that they would send the Pakistani army to fight in Yaman, but it was refused under General Raheel Sharif.
On the issue of Kashmir, The Saudis remained silent When India’s government changed the status of Kashmir and revoked article 370 and 35A. Saudia brushed it under the carpet, by saying it was India’s internal matters. Prince Zayed Al Nahyan conferred the highest civilian award to the Prime Minister of India Narender Modi who had decided to enforce a communications lockdown in Kashmir.
However, Pakistan is against India on the Kashmir issue Therefore, Pakistan will not accept every word of Saudi Arabia now. Our relation with Saudi Arabia is going to be sensible.

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