Planet of rocks rain and lava seas

Scientists have uncovered another secret of this mysterious universe. They discovered a planet of rocks rain and lava seas. These seas are one kilometer deep. The wind there is four times faster than the speed of sound.

According to astronomers, this is a very interesting planet, where there is very severe weather, mineral rain, snow, and strong winds. It’s not a good place where to live, but scientists found it a lot of interesting to study.

Rocky Planet 141B

This planet is named 141B. It’s a rocky planet that looks like our Earth. This planet is 202 light-years away from our planet and is in a constellation called Aquarius.

This destructive planet orbit is as fast that it completes a year in just seven hours. The star is an orange dwarf. It has a much lower temperature than the sun and is so dim that it cannot be seen from Earth.

Size of Rocky Planet

This is a lava planet. The size of this planet is not much larger than our earth that,s why it’s a super-earth. Its mass is five times that of our Earth. That’s why the gravity of this planet is five times greater than Earth’s.

Astronomers claim rock showers here. Water on the earth evaporates into the atmosphere where it becomes clouds. Rain replenishes lakes and rivers, and this process is repeated. The same thing happens with K2-114B, but with rocks.

Is Rocky Planet cold or hot?

Researchers say we need to keep in mind that everything on this planet is made of rock. During the day, the heat is so intense that the rocks evaporate. This is strange but also interesting. However, on the other side, it is so cold that there is no atmosphere. And everything freezes and becomes solid.


Researchers say that strong winds blow at the speed of sound due to the hot and cold sides of the planet. And sometimes they reach 5,000 miles per hour. These winds rapidly cool the rock vapor and cause rock droplets to form. “You have a rain of rocks and a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlava beneath.”

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