Radio Red – Puerto Rico’s Newest Music Station

Aside from the many local and regional radio stations, the independent Radio Red is also a record store and hangout spot for music enthusiasts. The station also operates its own bistro which is located in the former headquarters of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Despite the economic downturn and lingering hurricane damage, the Station is a force to be reckoned with.

The station aspires to provide an all-inclusive music experience for its listeners. It has a large number of radio shows, some of which are exclusive to the station. It has a library of audio and video content, including live performances, to showcase its local artists. The station also has a record shop, which hosts an eclectic mix of albums and singles, many of which are obscure to the general public. For more info visit radiored.com.mx.

One of the most prestigious perks of running RadioRed is the opportunity to play host to some of the world’s best and most diverse musical talent. The station has hosted some of the hottest names in the business, including country superstar Billy Joel and Puerto Rican rocker Diego Hauz. The station was even awarded the accolade of “best local radio station” by Puerto Rico’s premier music magazine, PRISMA. It has also hosted many live performances and special events over the years. Its most recent event was a series of live shows by the legendary Puerto Rican guitar master Ramón Torres. In addition, a host of other musicians have taken up residence in the bistro for free. The station even has its own radio takeovers, which are a great way to see your favorite local artists on the radio.

The station has a plethora of other gimmicks to boot, including a nifty little app that allows you to interact with other listeners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is a genuinely interesting feature that is not typically found in the rat race. The station has also mastered the art of customer service by introducing a “callback” feature where you can ask a question to the host, and they’ll do their best to answer it in a timely fashion. The station also has a very slick website, which allows you to browse through their catalog of songs and videos. It is clear that the team behind the station have a lot of enthusiasm for the music and aren’t about to rest on their laurels. The best part is that their station is a fun place to visit and the people who work there are a joy to be around. The station is a big winner in the music community and is certainly a sign that the island is moving on.

Among the most exciting and interesting things to come from this little station is the emergence of a new genre of music. The station’s owners have dedicated themselves to promoting the obscure, and a few of their favorite tracks have made it onto the pop charts.

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