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Reasons why Spotify is the best Music Streaming Service

Over the years, Spotify has become the pinnacle of music streaming services. Almost everyone you meet would most likely have a Spotify account because music is something that remains a constant in your life. However, to make the best out of your Spotify account, you need to make sure you have a stable and reliable internet connection. For that matter, you should look into deals such as Xfinity promotions that not only give you amazing internet but give you an amazing TV service too.

Here are some reasons why Spotify is considered to be one of the best music services all over the world:

A wonderful student discount 

Usually, it’s students who are in need of a great music service. Lucky for them, Spotify makes it easy for them to get great service at a very low price. The best part is, that you can access all the premium features of the app at a very low cost. This makes things a lot easier and it helps students manage their budget when a very small fraction goes into their music needs. 

Once you get the student package, you can skip as many songs as you like and you may even play all your favorite songs on repeat. You can make your own playlists and you can add all the songs you want. If you want to mix up the taste, you can set your songs to play on shuffle and Spotify will shuffle your playing order randomly. In a world where everything is already very expensive, it is an amazing initiative that Spotify has taken for students who already struggle a lot financially. 

The option to stream music online

Normally as you use another service, you have to purchase music online. However, that is not the case for Spotify. All you have to do is to buy a premium subscription and the next thing you have to do is to stream your music online. Spotify offers music from all over the world and you can stream all genres that you like. You are not specific to one kind of music, you can listen to all your favorite music and podcasts. If you have a great internet connection, you can stream music at the highest quality, which makes it a very immersive music experience. 

Use Spotify on a plethora of platforms

When it comes to using Spotify, you are not just limited to using it on your mobile phone. You can use Spotify on multiple platforms such as your laptop, your pc, your tablet, your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, and a lot more. This makes it easier for you to access Spotify since you don’t have to rely just on your mobile phone. You can enjoy your music on your TV or you could connect your laptop to Bluetooth speakers so you can have a louder input. 

So when it comes to convenience, Spotify makes sure that its customers have the best experience. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the number of devices that your Spotify is linked to, you can use it on as many as you want. 

The ability to look at lyrics as you listen

You may even turn your Spotify account into a karaoke! That’s right, you can view the lyrics of the song that you are listening to by tapping on the lyrics button. You can then sing along and figure out that the lyrics you were singing all these years were very wrong. If you are someone who deeply enjoys music and lyrics, you can decipher the message that musicians leave in their lyrics. 

You can also make the best out of this feature if you have company over and you want to sing songs with your friends. You can play songs and open their lyrics so that you and your friends could sing along to all your favorite songs, for an instant hit of nostalgia. 

Have listening sessions with your friends

One of the features that really makes Spotify stand apart is that you can start a listening session with your friends and you can listen to the same music in real-time. You don’t have to be within proximity of each other and you can listen to all the music that you want. You can introduce each other to your favorite music so that you could discover new music. 

All you have to do is to go to the option that shows what device you are listening on, then tap on “Start a remote group session”. Once the session starts, you can send the link to your friends so that they can join and as soon as they do, you can start playing your favorite music. However, if one person pauses the song, it pauses for everyone listening. The same is the case if you forward a song, rewind it or even change the song. The volume stays different for everyone though. 

Wrapping Up

Spotify not only makes sure that it provides the best streaming service but it also makes sure that it is affordable for everyone, including students. With the premium, you can listen to music with your friends remotely and can enjoy not just your’s but other people’s music taste as well!

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