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Refined by Caroline Tran Video LUTs

The REFINED x Caroline Tran video LUTs add bold, movie-inspired color and tones to your video. Available in daylight and low-light conditions, they will elevate any video edit with their luminous skin tones and authentic color palettes. They also add a level of depth and shadows to your footage.

luts include: 2 rich BW movie-inspired BW presets and a classic Sepia Tone

Refined x Caroline Tran is a video lut from Refined that includes 2 rich BW movie-inspired preset styles and a classic Sepia Tone. The presets give you a luminous skin tone and luminous pastel colors with even contrast and a classic Sepia Tone to give your photos a warm and rich BW look.

This new video luts collection contains presets created by renowned photographer Caroline Tran. Each preset has three levels to match a range of film stocks and lighting situations. Patina is rich and warm with depth and is an excellent choice for Portra films. Pure is a soft, clean preset perfect for studio work and Vibrant is a bright, clean Edit that features a beautiful pop of color.

The REFINED x Caroline Tran video LUTs are available in both low and high light and include 2 rich BW movie-inspired preseting styles. The REFINED x Caroline Tran presets are ideal for adding authenticity and character to your videos. Luminous skin tones and authentic color palettes elevate your video edits.

2 vibrant color presets

Developed in partnership with Caroline Tran, Refined x Caroline Tran video luts offer a selection of unique color presets for cinematic, studio, and mobile work. Featuring film inspired color tones that maintain luminous skin tones, this collection is an ideal choice for cinematographers who want to add a pop of color to their editing projects.

The video luts from Caroline Tran include 2 rich BW film inspired presets and a classic Sepia Tone. All of these presets are free and designed to enhance the color balance in any shot. The collection also includes Caroline Tran’s famous Refined presets.

2 rich BW film inspired BW presets

Refined has teamed up with renowned photographer Caroline Tran to create a new collection of color and black & white presets for Lightroom. The collection includes two rich BW film inspired presets and a classic Sepia Tone. The result is a vibrant and film-like look for your video.

These presets can be used with any camera and are compatible with all versions of Lightroom. You can use the Noble Signature Preset to emulate the look of film without using film stocks. Alternatively, you can use the Mastin Labs Fujicolor Original preset for the same look.

Lightroom presets have the same basic design as the rest of the program, but are incredibly customizable. You can use any of these presets in a video, and you can mix and match them as you see fit. This set includes 40 presets, including Line 6 Original, which is inspired by boutique mid-gain amps.

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