Saudi approves transit visit visas for passengers

Breaking News: Saudi approves transit visit visas for passengers for 48 and 96 hours. Travelers are very pleased with this news. The Cabinet of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided to approve amending the structure of visit, Hajj and transit visas.

However, all of these recommedations were given by the the Council of Economic and Development Affairs and the Cabinet’s General Committee. Shoora Council also take this decision.

The visa of 48 hours (two days) will cost SR 100 however 96 hours (4-days) visa will cost SR300 respectively.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Saudia authorities take the action to suspend the umrah in March. In July, they suspend performing the hajj pilgrimage because cases of coronavirus were increasing rapidly at that time. However, Muslims from all over the world were restricted to enter the Khana Kaba this year. Only a few residents of Saudi were performing the Hajj.

It is from the start of November, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to allowed pilgrims to perform there religious rituals.

People started traveling from both inside and outside the country. In addition, only pilgrims who are between the age of 18-50 have been allowed to travel from abroad for Umrah, and they must have a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival in the country.

What is a transit visa?

A transit visa is a type of visa which is valid for a few days. Transit visa policies are different for every country. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allowed 48 hours and 96 hours transit visa.

There are two types of transit visa.

1. Airport transit visa

2. Short stay visa

Airport transit visa

An airport transit visa allows a traveler or passenger to pass through the international zone of an airport. It doesn’t allow to enter into the country,s territory. Passengers should stay at the airport and wait for the flight to the final destination.

Short stay visa

The other type of transit visa is a short-stay visa. It allows the traveler to stay in the country where the airplane lands.

For example, if you want to go to the USA from Pakistan. First, you go from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia airport from there you will go through the next flight to the USA. If you have a transit visa then the Saudi authority will allow you to stay there for 2 or 4 hours. In this period you can perform Umrah and also you can visit the Saudi territory.

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