Saudi Arabia announces labor reforms for foreign workers

Saudi Arabia announces labor reforms for foreign workers and finishes the” Kafala System” in the kingdom. These initiatives allow job mobility and regulating the exit and re-entry visa issuance for emigre workers who are working in Saudi, without the approval of employers. Saudi Arabia plans to launch labor reforms and trying their best to enhance contractual relations between workers and employers to have an attractive job market in the kingdom.

What is Kafal system?

Kafala system was used for foreign workers in Gulf Arab countries for decades. And employees were tied with their employers to take permission to change the job, go outside of the country for some reason, etc. It was in the hand of employers that they gave pay of their choice to the employee, they even play with their lives. In addition, employees were not allowed to open the bank account without permission. This attitude of employers was harming the employees and job marketing in Saudi.

A large number of the Saudi population is from other countries and they are working in Saudi. But they were badly harmed by the kafala system.

Labor reforms initiatives

So finally, the government and the ministry of human rights of Saudi Arabia take a great step to end the kafala system in the country. This initiative changes the life of emigree workers.

Through these initiatives employees will be free from the restrictions of their employers. They can change their jobs after the contract, whenever they want. In addition, they can also freely travel to other countries after the employment contract, even they can recover their lost ID.

These rules will become into effect from March 2021. These steps will enhance the attractiveness of the people, and talented workers will like to work in the Saudi kingdom.

But it is important for all employees to follow the employment agreement. If they do not, then they will definitely bear the consequences which include financial and other punishments.

Benefits of labor reform initiatives

Labor reform initiatives will increase productivity in the private sector. However, a highly skilled and talented worker will give their best outcomes. They will freely work there without any tension of pay, visa, bank accounts, etc. Labor reform initiatives will increase self-esteem and confidence within workers. And these initiatives will motivate them to work there. As a result, workers will work productively and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia will achieve their goals.

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