Saudi Arabia warns against traveling to 12 nations

Saudi Arabia warns against traveling to 12 nations. They’re on the list of the coronavirus hit countries.

According to official media, On Wednesday Saudi Arabia warned residents and citizens. To traveling to 12 nations that are most -affected by the covid-19 virus without permission.

Most of the international locations are Libya, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Armenia, Somalia, Congo, Venezuela, and Belarus. Those international locations at the moment are on the listing of the worst-coronavirus hit nations, the official said.

The ministry called on citizens residing in these countries to sign up their information with the respective Saudi embassies.

Countries around the world have banning flights

In last month, Saudi Arabia had suspended all international flights for a week. Which later be prolong for another week due to new covid-19 pressure.

Countries around the world have begun banning flights and guests from Britain. As London started the spread of greater-infectious news that coronavirus strain becomes “out of control”.

The notification further cited that suspension excludes cargo flights and the situation can be “reviewed in light of the tendencies related to the covid-19 pandemic”.

The authentic Saudi Press Organization said passengers who arrived in Saudi from Europe or the USA. Where the new stress turns into detection can be require to self-isolate for 2 weeks. And they should go through checking out.

Last month, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia kicked off a 3-segment covid-19 vaccine program. After the first shipments of the Pfizer-biotech vaccine arrived within the kingdom.

Saudi has to date recorded more than 361,000 novel coronavirus cases. Such as almost 6,000 deaths – the best many of the Gulf Arab states. However, the country has additionally reported an excessive recovery rate.

The selection to prohibit global flights came after numerous EU international locations. Together with Italy, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands have banned united kingdom flights after record of the mutant strain.

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