What Is a Sisyphus Table And How Can You Use It?

About Sisyphus Table

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus turned into condemned to roll a boulder up a mountain for all eternity. In my artwork, Sisyphus Table is a kinetic sculpture that rolls a ball thru sand, all the time developing and erasing stunning patterns. Watching Sisyphus inspires a meditative feeling.  

I have been creating Sisyphus sculptures for almost 20 years, and have three-meter diameter permanent installations in Switzerland, Germany and Australia. Over time I even have come to view Sisyphus as more than a kinetic art piece: it is a tool. As a musical tool performs songs, Sisyphus performs paths. My intention with this Kickstarter is to get Sisyphus into people’s homes for them to enjoy as both furnishings and art, however also, to encourage a network of composers to jot down “tune” for it.

However, within the case of the Sisyphus Table, there’s no punishment. Instead, it gives you a meditative kinetic sculpture that doubles as a facet desk or coffee table. Lovers of artwork, technology, and fixtures design may be drawn to this customizable piece. Already enjoyed as an art set up in museums around the sector, this precise table is now to be had to revel in at home. It features a steel ball that rolls through the sand inside the table, creating, destroying, and recreating all varieties of styles.

  • Artist

The Sisyphus Table is designed and hand-crafted through Bruce Shapiro. The business enterprise’s internet site presents a brief bio on his giant creative and technical know-how, including 25 years of making kinetic artwork for museums all around the international. He is the first to introduce the idea of owning and showing kinetic artwork sculptures like this one in a domestic environment.

  • Customization

Numerous elements of those tables may be customized to suit your options and domestic features. Through the corporation’s website, it is easy and convenient to flip through the various alternatives to layout a desk much like you will do on a car manufacturer internet site. The website presents a picture of what those options could seem like to look at what would be arriving should you press the purchase button.

First, you choose the base for the facet desk or coffee table. If you go along with the metallic base, the price begins at $1,200 for the facet table and $1900 for the espresso desk. For the metal table, you could pick a cherry, walnut, or black metallic veneer for the Sisyphus Table plus a heat white or herbal white feature for the kinetic artwork vicinity.

For instance, a Cherry Metal Side Table with Warm Lights measures 22” in diameter through 22” tall. It has a welded, strong steel base that’s been greater by means of a powder covered black end. There is also a 1/5 tempered glass top and dimmable interior LED lights.

  • Sisbot

The great layer of sand located under the glass top of each table is a two-motor, hand-constructed robot that the company has named Sisbot. It controls a magnet, which attracts a metallic ball via a programmed direction that includes polar coordinates.

The steel-based Sisyphus tables have stepper motors. They are quiet and unique, running nicely for the smaller tables. The large wooden-base tables use servo motors, which are simply as quiet as the alternative form of motor but can cross quicker with a purpose to cover a far bigger place of sand.

  • Kinetic Playlist

The Sisyphus Table comes with 25 tracks of pre-programmed pathways to create kinetic artwork upon delivery. There is no turning the desk on or off; it just maintains running. The playlist of kinetic art is controllable by way of the use of a web browser and Wi-Fi connection.

Or, you can download the business enterprise’s iOS or Android mobile app to pick out your favorites, prepare customized lists, change the velocity, pause the kinetic artwork, and trade the desk lighting.  It’s even possible to create your personal designs by means of using Adobe Illustrator and sending the files without delay in your table.

  • Set Up

The excessive-tech art is simple enough for just about all and sundry to installation in a matter of minutes. It’s only a matter of having the loose app from the iTunes shop or Google Play store. Then, plugging inside the table and connecting it to the app. Get our loose app, on iOS and Android. For further help, the employer offers video tutorials to make certain you’re cozy together with your Sisyphus Table for sale.


This is a lovely product made for the techie artwork lover that has a larger than average budget. Plus, for that entrepreneur  who has the whole thing, that is a truly unique present.

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