Sleeping is a gift of God

Sleeping is a gift of God. Those people are too lucky to be good at sleeping. They do not have any disease in their body. However, they have a happy life. They are called normal people living in the world. Their behavior is nice. They have the ability to do their work and they have smiley faces. Their life is full of positivity, satisfaction, happiness simply they spend an ideal life they are successful in their life.

Sleep disorder

Sleep disorder means that a person can not sleep well because of many reasons e.g a person feels uncomfortable or a person wants to sleep but mentally he can’t do that. Because of that disorders silently a person becomes a patient but a person cannot recognize
Sleep disorder produce so many diseases in a human body like a person become waspish, stomach disease, BP, heart attack, and many more

Basic symptoms

A person who is in the position of sleep disorder can not feel actively, He can’t take a concentrate on any work. All the time they feel sleepy. When he goes to bed at night he can’t sleep well. A person then becomes anxious. He will face depression. Gradually he loses his confidence at the last he loses his life


  • Insomnia
  • Sleep apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Rem sleep disorder behavior


Nothing is impossible in this world if a human body wants to change the world. Each and everybody recovers from the disease by using his veil power. Patients must deal with stress
Patients must join exercise I day time. Take care of his food. Patients have to recognize their bedtime and wake up earlier in the morning. Relatives play an important role to recover the disease of patients.
All humans have the right to have a good sleep

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