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About the store

If you are a perfume lover, then you should check out the Alla Violetta Boutique. It is the oldest perfumery in Italy. The store offers a wide selection of artistic fragrances. In addition, it has a small restaurant and a wine tasting program.

This boutique has been in business since 1911. Since then, it has become a cult destination for artful, vintage perfumes. Additionally, the boutique is one of the largest retailers of designer luxury fragrances. Moreover, it offers exclusive collections of vintage bottles.

The Alla Violetta Boutique also offers a selection of cosmetics and bath products. Some of the products include nicchia, soaps, perfumes, and body care products. These are available in the store and online. They offer free samples of perfumes and fragrances, as well as a free breakfast.

Besides the main retail offerings, the Alla Violetta Boutique also hosts a few in-house events. You can attend the monthly wine tasting event, as well as enjoy the restaurant and bar. As part of the store’s customer service, they also offer free advice and guidance. Furthermore, the boutique offers phone backing and Express Shipping administration.

Aside from being a famous retailer of perfumes, the Alla Violetta Boutique has a reputation for its excellent customer service. In fact, it has received many prestigious awards in recognition for its commitment to service. At the same time, the owners of the boutique are very passionate about their work.


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