The arrival at the showbiz was really accidental actress Kinza Hashmi

The majority of artists working in the fields of film, TV, theatre are also the best proof of this. But one thing we should all be proud of is that the way in which the artists of our country have made the fields of fine arts ideal in spite of endless problems is unparalleled.

There is no school and no acting academy but still, our artists know how to paint the colours of reality in their characters. A beautiful addition to the list of such artists is Kunza Hashmi, who has made a name for himself in the TV industry in a very short time. In an exclusive interview with Express, he expressed his views in this way.

Kunza Hashmi says that when most artists are asked how you became an actor, their answer is that it all happened by accident but it really happened to me because I wanted to be a singer but luck turned out to be an actress. I was very fond of singing since my childhood. After matriculating, I was studying more and then I started to have a passion for singing in my heart. There was no offer to do singing but there was an offer of modelling. I accepted it and thought that singing is the only thing to do. There is nothing wrong with modelling. This is how I entered the showbiz industry.

When I was a second-year student, I got an offer of modelling which I accepted. My first shoot was done by renowned fashion photographer and make-up artist Khawar Riaz, then I became a part of a fashion show in a local hotel in Lahore. Director Zulfiqar Ali looked at me. He offered me acting. I said no. I don’t like acting. However, i want to sing. Nevertheless, he said no. You come for an audition. I went for an audition. The audition was very disappointing but Zulfiqar Ali was adamant that you should act. I said that the audition is in front of you and then he said that I will do the acting myself. I was given acting classes by the director for fifteen days. Shooting started, so I got the first drama. Four years have passed and I don’t even know how so much time has passed.

The dramas I’ve worked on so far include Incomplete Reunion, Stoning, Man Chahi, Moore Sian, My Daughters-in-law, Love Spectacle, Reward, Love Hates You, Queen, Swamp, Moment, So Love These include Rani Naukrani, Gul Vagalzar, Diwar Shab and Tomirajanun, while these days “You have no one here” is on air.

In response to a question, Kanzia Hashmi said that the drama “Mormahal” directed by Sarmad Khost was a big budget, big cast, so people had high hopes for it. In the first episode, people also had Murakami. When I saw the notices, they started asking who this girl is. I was recording a drama serial where auditions for ‘Moore Mahal’ were taking place. Someone came and told us that all the girls present on the set should come and go to ‘Moore Mahal’. We said no because we are doing our job not to give auditions but when we have insisted we all the girls on the set went for auditions.

The audition was over. This audition was nothing special. A month later, I got a call that you should come for a meeting. I went there. Apart from Sarmad Khost, Nadia Afghan was also sitting. She saw me and said that she wanted me in Sarmad. It would be nice to have this girl. Sarmad Khost said, “Yes, I have also seen the audition. After that, I went to Sarmad Sehbai and I was selected. That’s how I got that drama.”

Talking about another of his popular serials, he said, “I got a great response to it and most people still talk about it today. I’ve played a lot of roles so far, but I’m not going to play the role of a psycho girl.” Want to In response to a question, Kanzia Hashmi said that there are some seniors who are not ready to accept new people and there are some who are ready to give their place. Everyone has their own temperament but overall All in all, they are very good.

About his other popular soup, he said that when the drama started shooting, I felt that the drama was showing a lot of village atmosphere. I don’t know if people like it or not, but as soon as it went on air. So a large number of people liked it so my guess proved wrong. The director of this play Faisal Bukhari provided us in a very comfortable environment. This play was shot in Mureed K where we all used to go from Lahore daily. There was a long way to go, but how could that be?

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