The Growing Betting Apps Industry in India

Sports betting continues to become a popular activity in India, with more betting operators welcoming Indian players and accepting INR deposits. A majority of Indian punters are now shifting their betting activities to mobile apps, which are often developed by betting companies in a bid to offer more convenience. 

This article will discuss the growth of the betting apps sector in India. If you want to understand how you can take advantage of this booming industry, read on. 

An Overview of the Indian Mobile Betting Market 

At the time of this writing, there are approximately 730 million internet users in India. About 93% of these people use their mobile phones to browse the internet. However, a majority of Indians are more likely to have an internet-compatible phone than a reliable internet connection at home. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that India recorded 19 billion app downloads in 2019 alone. The number has been growing since then. It is not that Indians only love to download mobile apps; they develop most of them. 

Statistics show that there are over 28,000 Indian app publishers on Google Pay Store alone. Among the most popular apps downloaded in the country are betting apps from different bookmakers. 

The most popular sport at the best betting app among Indian punters is cricket. Although you will hardly come across betting apps that are solely dedicated to cricket betting, apps in India have a particular focus on cricket. 

The Betting Apps Industry Grew Exponentially During the Covid-19 Pandemic 

The coronavirus pandemic helped increase the use of mobile phones. With people forced to spend a substantial amount of their time at home, they often turned to their smartphones for entertainment, or simply as a source of distraction. 

Even individuals who had never played a single game or placed a wager on their phones found themselves downloading several gaming and betting apps. This new lifestyle played a significant role in propelling the mobile betting market in India. 

With a mobile sports betting app from any of the top sportsbooks, Indians can place bets on different sports from all over the world. As restrictions eased, leagues resumed their activities, and the betting sector kickstarted in earnest. 

At this point, the shift to mobile sports betting seems irreversible. However, lawmakers in the country are determined to regulate the booming market. 

The Legal Question of Online Betting in India 

Sports betting and casino gambling are strictly prohibited in most regions of the country. Despite the government insisting that online betting sites cannot exist legally, no legislation expressly prohibits online betting in India. 

As such, Indians often turn to offshore bookmakers that welcome Indian punters. Therefore, you can conclude that online betting in India is legal, provided that you use an offshore bookmaker. 

With no laws prosecuting nationals who use offshore betting sites, these operators are becoming the primary option among locals. Most offshore operators offer betting apps that accept INR deposits and withdrawals. 

Alternatively, you can use e-wallets and crypto to transact with offshore casinos and bookmakers. This is all possible because there lacks a clear legal framework with definite rules and regulations on mobile betting in India. Watch out for future regulations though. 

Factors Driving the Growth of Betting Apps

Below are the factors behind the growing popularity of betting apps in India. The list might not be exhaustive, but it outlines the primary industry drivers. 

High Mobile Phone Penetration 

Nowadays, the majority of Indians have smartphones that are well compatible with the internet. This is the main reason why there is an upsurge in online and mobile sports betting in the country. Indians generally prefer using mobile phones to PCs and laptops when accessing the internet.

Research studies published in 2020 show that the average Indian spends about one-third of their day on their smartphone. Most betting sites have websites and apps that are mobile-friendly. 

Indian’s Love for Cricket 

According to statistics by MyBetting, there are about 370 million people betting on the T20 League. 80% of all sports-related bets placed by Indians are on cricket. However, these numbers do not account for the numerous illegal and unsanctioned betting activities in the country. 

With ongoing digitization in India, better internet connectivity will see more growth in sports betting. 

The New Millennials 

About 44% of India’s betting population is comprised of people between the age of 18 and 24 years. 32% of made up of individuals between 25 and 34 years. From these statistics, it is evident that betting is a reserve of the younger generation, which is more tech-savvy

With a majority of bettors being the youth, it is not surprising that betting apps are more popular than land-based sportsbooks and betting sites. 

Urbanization and the Rise of Metropolitan Cities 

Data shows that betting is more popular in the southern and western belts of India which comprised the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana. These states constitute 9.6, 13.2, and 18.7 percent of India’s betting population respectively. 

Metropolitan regions like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai also form the heart of India’s online betting industry. Factors such as high internet and smartphone penetration in these regions have also contributed to the growth of betting apps in the country. People in metropolitan cities also have higher disposable income, which they can spend on betting activities. 

Promotion and Marketing 

Today, betting-related ads fill up sports networks and channels. Continuous promotion of mobile sports betting during critical matches attracts a considerable number of bettors. 

There are bookmaker sites that show live cricket Satta rates and offer free tips for lucrative betting. Though this might easily lure you into sports betting, you must understand betting odds to avoid losing money. 

The allure of live betting has also helped propel the growth of the betting apps industry in India as more nationals swing into action to profit from live bets. 

Funding Betting Apps Has Become Easier 

There are numerous online payment methods that Indians can use to deposit money into their betting apps and make withdrawals. Some apps even let users make deposits by simply adding a betting budget to their monthly phone bills. 

By eliminating the need to disclose the player’s financial information, betting apps instantly make transactions safer and more convenient. 

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