The Most Important Features When Buying an RV

There are 63 national parks in the United States, and buying an RV is the way to see them. Gone are the days of worrying about renting a hotel each night for various locations, pets, vacancies, and more.

If you’re ready to buy an RV, there are different features you’ll want to keep in mind. While it might seem overwhelming to decide, it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide on the most important features when buying an RV today!

Spacious Living Room

When you head to the rv dealer, think about the ideal floor plan. Some RVs have rear, center, and front living rooms.

Some might have large windows that lead to more space, while others have a dinette that slides out. To save space, your used RV might have a Murphy bed in the living room. If you work remotely, you might need one with desk space.


A recreational vehicle might have porcelain toilets, walk-in showers, or a small wet bath. New RVs might have side bathrooms as well. You might have to walk through another room to get to the bathroom.

RVs might also have a split bathroom where the toilet and sink aren’t next to each other. Consider a model with a full bath that’s easy to access if you have children.

Large Bedrooms

RVs for sale could have a large bedroom space. Check for a bed with a walkaround space.

If you share a bed, it makes it more convenient to get in and out of. It’ll also be easier to make the bed.

Storage Space

When you buy an RV, check to see if there’s storage space. There might be storage compartments to place your items.

Cabinets are great for personal and food items. Some RVs might have more storage underneath or above.


Opt for an RV with a TV. TVs are great for rainy days when you’re stuck inside.

Backup cameras will allow you to feel more comfortable backing up. You’ll be able to see what’s behind you while traveling.


RVs for sale might have fiberglass siding, pass-through storage, floor storage, outdoor entertainment centers, and more. Roof coverings can vary.

RVs do require routine maintenance to keep them pristine. Many are pet friendly with exterior feeding stations, pet windows, cleaning stations, etc.

More Features

Your RV might have a washer/dryer combo, a vacuum system, storage trays, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and more. Older RVs might not have this technology. Check the floor plans and features for your next RV.

Top Features for Buying an RV

After exploring this guide, you should be ready to find the top features for buying an RV. It’s subjective, and you’ll need to think about what’ll work best for your family.

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