The Sindh government has started considering a plan to collect more taxes from Karachi,

The Sindh government has started considering a plan to collect more taxes from Karachi, for which it has set up a committee headed by Local Government Minister Nasir Hussain Shah. Nasir Hussain Shah is the head of the committee, so he must be the one to pay the most attention and he will be engaged in meditation day and night, so much so that people will come and ask: they will answer with a smile on the new taxes.

I am meditating, just let the meditation end once, then see, Nasir will fall asleep and the whole town will wake up. It is hoped that by now the entire committee, including Nasir Sahib, will have started considering, and it is certain that this consideration is being done without understanding the people of Karachi.

We should inform the head of the committee Nasir Hussain Shah Sahib in advance that you are in the mood of ‘who should be taxed, who is Nasir’ but after hearing the announcement of the new tax, the people of Karachi will wail and ask you: After reading the news that the entire committee, including Nasir Hussain Shah, is considering imposing new taxes on Karachi, we thought that so many active ministers and so many people have been considered, although to impose taxes on the people of Karachi, they chose. What is the need for consideration for pushing, shoving, pushing and hitting against the wall?

Unnecessarily so many people to consider. We request Nasir Sahib and his commitment not to tire yourself by considering, we do this work and suggest what new taxes should be imposed on the people of Karachi. Karachi people digest food by travelling on the pits on the roads and do not pay a single rupee for this facility. The government should immediately start levying taxes on the citizens.

Accidents occur due to the facility provided by the government, people are injured and vehicles are damaged, which inevitably benefits doctors and mechanics, so doctors and mechanics should be taxed separately. Standing water tax The people of Karachi are also strange, they keep crying that water is not coming, and when the water comes to Lu, what is the order, my lord, they come and stand in the streets, they cry that water is not going. It is a crime of the people of Karachi not to use water by asking for it but to complain about it.

It is the kindness of the government that instead of punishing this crime, it arranges water supply every time it seeks water. ۔ How long will this abuse of citizens by the government last? The provincial government should impose such a big tax on standing water that people’s hearts will melt. Garbage tax The provincial government, using its own resources, did not divulge the secret that street garbage collection is in fact an exercise in tax collection, which also aims to show that a government that can collect so much garbage without doing anything, How much tax will be collected by doing something! Citizens also benefit from these garbage dumps.

For example, these are used to indicate the address. Now in Karachi, the address is explained as, ‘What is a hill of rubbish, there is a fourth house in the third street,’ There is a plot, but your brother lives in the street next to it. Then what the citizens say about the government after seeing these piles falls into the category of contempt.

If the government becomes a plaintiff and goes to court against the citizens, it can receive billions of rupees in this regard. If not here’s a new product just for you! If the government collects garbage tax from the citizens, there can be no better way to make garbage usable. The Sindh government believes in the slogan “When everyone hides, we show”.

Garbage, which proudly displays itself, and gutters that open their mouths in amazement at this transparent policy of the government, are mirrors of this official openness. Apart from this transparent policy, the reason for the gutter opening is also the love of the government for the people of Karachi. The rulers think that there is no river, no springs or canal in Karachi, at least the gutters keep flowing here, the citizens see something flowing.

This street entertainment provided by the government should be taxed. Some citizens fall into the gutter to stop the flow, so the government imposes heavy taxes on falling into the gutter. Municipal Tax There are several local bodies in Karachi from the metropolitan level to the lower level. The municipality has been given so many bills by the provincial government to squeeze its powers that all its bills have gone out.

The Sindh government is carrying the burden of this institution only to convince the citizens that they have a municipality. Why should the government bear this burden, then municipal tax should be imposed on the citizens immediately. No matter how many bills citizens pay for it, and if they have a bill on their forehead, they will continue to pay it, but the municipality should be run on their bill by levying taxes. We think that so many taxes will be enough for the people of Karachi.

These are the taxes we have considered alone. Think how many more taxes will come up when the entire committee of Puri will consider them, which the citizens of Karachi will hide somewhere, and when they see the city deserted, they will say Nasir Hussain Shah. Why would the city sigh?

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