Top 5 Job Tracking Software Applications

There are many job tracking software applications to choose from. Some of the most popular are Clockify, Connecteam, TimeClick, and WorkflowMax. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to choose a software that will work well for your business. Moreover, the software should be easy to use and understand.


WorkflowMax is an online platform that helps you manage your business’ time, projects, and billing. Its flexible monthly plans are tailored to your business’ needs. You can pay for as little as $15 per user or up to $49 per month for up to five users. The company also offers a free 14-day trial. It is suitable for creative agencies, building and construction professionals, business consultants, and more. Its timesheets allow you to track and manage the time spent on each project. The product also comes with an extensive suite of timesheet reports, which you can customize and filter.

Another feature of WorkflowMax is its ability to handle multiple devices. This means that you can access the platform from anywhere in the world. The software also works on different operating systems, which means that you may need to refresh the screen from time to time.


Connecteam offers an easy-to-use employee time tracking and job scheduling tool. Its Daily Operations module includes customizable digital forms and checklists for tracking employee time and work. It also has communications features and a knowledge base for training employees. The software’s time tracking and employee reporting capabilities rival those of the leading project management solutions.

Connecteam has a simple interface that is user-friendly and fits the needs of all types of businesses. Its multiple features make it easy for any business to manage every aspect of employee management. These features include the ability to clock in and out with GPS time stamps, to request time off, and to view current timesheets. It also has a mobile app that gives you an overview of each employee’s time.


Fulcrum’s job tracking system allows users to search for and track jobs, so that they know where they are in the production process and when they should be finished. This feature also allows you to provide updates to customers, so they know when they should expect a finished product. It also helps you understand the projected cost of a job, so you can make the right price changes.

This solution is suited for manufacturers, OEMs, and job shops. It is built for dynamic environments and businesses that are constrained by labor availability. The cost of the solution is about $20,000 for the initial installation, followed by a monthly fee of around $1,300 for each user. Fortunately, you can get a 30-day trial of Fulcrum to see how it works for your business.


TimeClick’s time card feature makes it simple for employees to clock in and out with a click of the mouse. It eliminates the need for manual time entry, and also lets employees choose their department and job. The system also lets them enter notes about their work. You can easily review employee time and attendance reports, and even schedule reminders.

Employees can request time off, and managers can approve or deny PTO requests. They can also create unlimited custom accrued time categories. This is helpful for companies that bill clients by the hour.


JobTraxx is a customizable, online software that allows job managers to manage all aspects of a job. Its flexible layout allows multiple people to work on a single job and can be customized to fit the needs of various types of companies. The software also offers color-coding so that you can easily identify a job in progress. JobTraxx integrates with a calendar, so that new jobs and projects are automatically posted to the calendar. This makes it easy for everyone in the organization to stay informed about what jobs are in progress.

JobTraxx’s Job Tracker Chrome extension saves your favorite jobs and automatically populates the required job information into your Job Tracker. This helps you save time and reduce the risk of missing important information. It also allows you to map out different applications, so you can quickly see where your application stands in relation to others. You can also easily manage multiple job applications from one central location, and the software is flexible enough to allow you to manage different boards from one location.

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