Top Crucial Tips to Sell Your First Book

Suppose you have completed your manuscript, sent it off to one of the best NYC book editors, hired a proofreader, published it, and now you want to sell your book. Before you can even initiate the selling process, you must be able to connect with your readers.

Selling one’s book is especially crucial for newbie writers who are desperate for their books to do well.

While the following tips are pretty common, and there is a great chance that you have heard of them before – no one can deny the importance of these tips. After going through the list, you will better understand the basic things you need to sell your first book.

While none of the following tips are in a particular order, you should know that all are equally important.

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Know Your Target Audience

It doesn’t matter what you are selling – you should know your target audience first. And if you are a writer, you should know your ideal reader.

Once you know who your target audience is, you will know what their expectations are. Eventually, you will write a book to meet their expectations. This is particularly true for newbie non-fiction writers. Once you know the kind of audience who will be interested in reading your book, you will set yourself up to reach their expectations and make sales.

Marketing, Marketing & Marketing

You will need to consistently market your book. If you are someone who is in the process of writing your book, you might be wondering about how to go about marketing a book that is not even out there as it hasn’t been published yet.

You might be wondering about how you can start to market your book. It is crucial to start thinking about marketing your book even when you are in the middle of the writing process. You might do your research and find someone who will take up the cudgels and market your book once it has been published.

You might want to start your marketing research by figuring out the ideal platform to use to reach your target audience. There are a couple of options, such as popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Simply put, you must figure out what social media platform is your target audience currently on. Once you have figured this out, you can now proceed to start developing the type of content to attract the interest of your target audience.

For instance, you might want to use blogs or ask questions – depending on your target audience; you could also opt for a more popular route – memes.

You could also opt for a video or podcast – whatever medium works best for the consistent marketing of your book. You need some kind of active engagement with your target audience regularly–if not daily.

Your marketing should be consistent enough to put your upcoming or already-published book in front of your target audience, so they know of your existence.

Get Book Reviews

Even for those who have already published a few books and have been writing for a little while – it can become challenging to get reviews for a book.

And a lot of times, the underlying reason is that people don’t want to write book reviews because they think they aren’t writers themselves and hence they are not made for the job. Also, they might like a book or dislike it and hence don’t want to write a review.

As a potential writer, you want to have this kind of understanding that writing a book review is challenging for most people. And for obvious reasons, the bigger and more established writers get more reviews on their books as a strong comparison to the aspiring writers who might struggle with getting reviews.

That said, there are still ways you can get reviews for your book – even as an aspiring writer. For instance, you can get reviews through beta readers. Once you have completed your first book, you might give your book to someone who is within your target audience.

You might ask those readers to read your book for an exchange of honest reviews published on Amazon. Another way to get honest reviews is through social media. Once your book starts to sell, you want to encourage people to leave reviews.

Proceed to ask people – your readers – to post their reviews on social media. You can also copy and paste those reviews on your website as well and use it as a strategy to generate more reviews by encouraging people to do so.

Choose the Correct Keywords

If you are very close to publishing your book or you have already published your book, you will want to choose the correct keywords and categories for your book. This is a crucial tip for continuous sales of your book.

All you need to do is to ensure that you are attaching the correct keywords and choosing the right categories for your book because this is the way your book will be easier to find on Amazon. You might as well work closely with a digital marketing team to ensure that you have the best keywords and categories available for your book.

Write an Amazing Book Description

There are a couple of things that potential readers look for when they are browsing the initial pages of the book, such as book reviews and book descriptions.

So, you want to ensure that you have an amazing book description that really engages your ideal readers. If you are writing non-fiction, you will want to be very precise about what the ideal readers are signing up for, such as what they will learn after buying your book.

In the case of non-fiction books, you can use bullet points and outline your book’s key points so that the readers know what they can expect from the book. If you are writing fiction, you will want to ensure that you have a quick synopsis of everything your book is about – and don’t forget to incorporate mystery to hook the readers into buying the book.

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