United States Presidential Election 2020

The United States Presidential Election 2020 held on 3rd, November. There are two major candidates for election one is trump from the Republican party and the other is Democratic former vice president Joe Biden.

Biden announced that his mate would be Kamala Harris who is a senator. The winner of the United States Presidential election 2020 should be inaugurated on 20, January 2021.


According to the United States of America constitution, the person who wants to serve as a president must be at least 35 years old and are a resident of the United States for at least 14 years.

In the presidential election of 2020, both the candidates are above 70. The ongoing election is an indirect election in which voters cast a vote.

After that, the electors should elect the president and vice president of the United States.

Democratic vs Republican

There are two biggest parties in the United States. One is democratic and the other is the republican party.

Both of these parties have different views.

Donald Trump supports the republican party.

Republican believes that government should be limited. In addition, big business should work on their own, this is not the concern of the government.

However, they support an increase in military spending. They also assume that taxes shouldn’t escalate for anyone.

On the other hand, democratic views are the opposite. Joe Biden supports the democratic party.

They think that the government should have an active role in society. In this way, society will grow and it will increase the quality of life.

And they believe that military spending should be decreased. In addition, they assume that higher taxes should be implemented on higher-income people.

Popular vote Vs The electoral college

United States president elected through the electoral votes.

The founding fathers of the united states had some disagreements. One party believes that congressmen should elect the president.

But the other party believed that the president should be elect through the popular votes.

To solve this controversy they established the electoral college. Whose decision would be considered the final but after the U.S. popular votes.

The United States has a total of 538 electoral votes. To win the presidential election one should secure 270 electoral votes.

Every state has a different number of electoral votes. The largest states have more electoral votes.

California has 55 electoral votes. New York has 29, Texas has 38 and Florida has 29 votes.

Therefore, the election campaigns and rallies focus on these states who have more electoral votes.

In addition, small states who have fewer electoral votes are ignored by the candidates.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton had more popular vote than Donald Trump but she failed. Because Donald Trump got more electoral votes.

The same happened in the 2000 presidential election, George Bush had a less popular vote but win the election because he had more electoral votes.

Most of the people criticized this electoral vote system.

They think that the United States president should be elect through the popular vote for example if one candidate secured 51 percent votes, should be elected as a president.

The swing states

The swing states also play an important role in the U.S. presidential election. These states contain confusing voters.

However, they can be a move towards any side. Their votes play an important role in the selection of the president.

Therefore, the electoral campaigns and rallies focus more on these states in the last days of the election to motivate them.

On election 2020, Michigan, Florida Arizona, Minnesota, Georgia, Pennsylvania act as a swing state.

Therefore, this time more focus was on these states.

Covid-19 effects on Election 2020

At the start of 2020, both the parties have postponed their election campaign and rallies because of coronavirus.

Trump and Biden planned campaign but postpone because people were not following the precautions.

They were not wearing masks and even they were not following the social distance. That’s why corona cases were increasing day by day.

Primary elections of the president disturbed because of coronavirus, which includes the polling places, and technology issues.

The election workers were not able to work due to the pandemic.

Some states inspire to vote by mail, but many people disagreed, they complain that in this way fraud votes will be count.

On October 2, 2020, Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump tested positive and were quarantine. It affects the election campaign as well.

Campaign Issues Trump Vs Biden

Joe Biden targets the trump and said he had totally failed the government he did not do anything to control the covid-19.

The corona cases increase day by day. In his rallies, no one wears masks and no social distancing was followed.

Biden said, unemployment increases in the trump government. Most of the people are jobless.

Trump said you have no experience in government or business. Biden knows nothing about how to govern.

Trump focused on green gas reduction and his agenda is job-based. While Biden plans to rejoin the green gas. He said he will introduce renewable resources in the United State.

Joe Biden said that Trump is not serious about climate change. Biden focused on climate change and clean energy in the United States of America.

Mostly feminist and liberal parties are on the Biden side. They followed the democratic views.

In addition, they strongly disagreed with Trump and his policies. They are clearly standing with Biden.

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