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Using Direct Mail Advertising Services to Improve Your Visibility

You might not have realized it, but direct mail advertising still remains a popular form of marketing across industries.

In fact, according to the aforementioned study the Federal Government alone spent close to $700K on direct mail advertising services — so you can imagine how big this is for the private sector.

So, should you consider using direct mail marketing to help promote your brand? Do you need to use it if you already use other marketing techniques such as social media marketing?

Here’s our case for using direct mail advertising:

It Shows Seriousness

If you use high-quality printing services you’ll automatically be a step ahead of the rest of your competition.

Social media has made it easier for any brand to advertise its products and services. But this ease has also made it easier for not-so-serious entrepreneurs and brands to promote what they have to offer.

Your brand can get lost in the sea of noise. Think about how often you scroll past a brand promotion on Twitter or Instagram. You likely get tired of how many ads or promotions you see.

While you might feel the same with the occasional direct mail flyer you also know that this business is much more serious. They had to invest time and money to create their flyers. They had to work harder to create a mailing list.

This alone shows that your brand is serious and wants to stand out from the noise on social media.

Social Media Isn’t Prevalent

While social media has such a huge influence on our lives today and will continue to do so, we must remember that it’s still a minority of the population that uses it.

Most of us still see advertising in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and in our mailboxes.

Let’s say you need to hire a gardening service. Do you scroll Instagram looking at one? Or do you scrutinize the flyer in your mailbox or the one lying on your doormat?

For many industries, direct mail advertising trumps social media advertising altogether.

The More, The Better

While this article has been critical of social media marketing one can’t deny its effectiveness in growing a brand.

But this isn’t an argument against using direct mail advertising. You still benefit from as many marketing campaigns as possible. When using direct mail you reach a new target market that might not have found you on social media.

Even if they have, the more penetration you have in the market the greater your brand awareness will be.

Use Direct Mail Advertising Today

Now you know the benefits of direct mail advertising and how it can help your brand grow.

Your target audience will take your brand more seriously if you use direct mail. It makes you stand out from social media marketing which anyone can use and isn’t as exclusive.

While social media is relevant it’s still not used by the majority of people. Direct mail advertising is still the way many of us get access to advertising. Even if you benefit from social media marketing it always helps to use direct mail to increase market penetration.

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