What Is a Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address is an address that is not tied to a physical location. It can be used for all kinds of business purposes. It can be used for business registration, to communicate with your clients, on your website, and even on your business card. It is a great way to establish your business identity and to get more clients.

PostScan mailbox

If you want to use a virtual business address, PostScan offers a monthly plan with unlimited email and phone support. The mailbox includes weekly and monthly forwarding, but you will need to pay for postage if you receive heavier mail. In addition, the mailbox comes with shredding and 50-page scanning. It stores up to six months’ worth of mail.

PostScan allows you to choose up to three recipients, route mail to multiple locations, and receive unlimited business and personal mail. It also offers unlimited online storage. Mail is scanned within three business days, and you can request to have items opened, archived, or recycled. It is important to remember that many mailboxes do not allow you to bundle mail and that junk mail can be expensive. To avoid high overage fees, choose a mailbox service that includes junk mail in its mail scan count.

PostScan Mail started in Anaheim, California, and has expanded to a network of partner mail centers. It offers a cost-effective virtual business address that is easily customizable. Its customer service agents are devoted to resolving any problems quickly and provide follow-up support to ensure that you’re happy with the service.

PostScan Mail is available for both personal and business mail, and it has an app for your mobile device. It is available on the Google Play and Apple App Store, so you can manage your mail with the touch of a button. The service also offers free physical mail storage for up to 30 days, and a mobile app. You can easily add more than one mailbox account with PostScan Mail, and the mailbox account is activated within 15 minutes using an online notary.

PostScan Mail also offers a virtual business address in major cities. The service offers over 400 real street addresses. The virtual business address is a unique address for a business, and you can use it on your website or on documents. The service even offers live support. In addition to offering mail-scanning services, PostScan Mail also offers real-time notifications of new mail deliveries.

A virtual business address can increase your credibility and professionalism among customers. You can use it as a registered agent and enhance your image with partners and investors. PostScan Mail also offers a free 30-day trial.


iPostal1 offers a virtual business address service that provides a local phone number, toll-free number, digital mailbox and voicemail storage. Additionally, the service provides fax and phone forwarding options. It creates a complete virtual office presence for a fraction of the cost of leasing a new physical office.

iPostal1 is a full-service company that provides a virtual business address. It is staffed by professionals and registered with the USPS as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent, which means it accepts mail from all carriers. The service also lets you view photos of the mail items delivered to your virtual address, and allows you to schedule pick-ups or deliveries to your business.

iPostal1 offers a variety of packages, including a free mobile app and fax service. Additionally, their virtual business address has a local address in a co-working space, which makes it convenient for remote workers. In addition, you can use your virtual business address to register with different carriers, including UPS and FedEx. iPostal1 has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any digital mailbox provider and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

iPostal1 has several different tiers of service, based on how many mail items you receive. The Green tier allows you to receive up to 30 mail items a month, while the Gold tier offers unlimited mail and package delivery. The service also offers in-person support, which is a plus for many business owners.

Another benefit to iPostal1 is that it is inexpensive. It has over 2,300 locations in the U.S. and many other countries. It also offers an app that lets you check incoming mail. A digital mailbox is an affordable way to boost your business’s image and save money on shipping and mailing.

For a low monthly fee, iPostal1 offers a virtual business address with a real street address in over 2,300 locations. Plus, the service stores your mail for up to 30 days, and they negotiate lower rates with major shipping carriers.

Anytime Mailbox

If you are looking for a high-quality, professional virtual business address for your small business, Anytime Mailbox is the answer. It offers more addresses in more countries than most other providers, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. Plus, you can access your mailbox online, request a check deposit, and recycle unwanted mail.

This company offers flexible, low-priced virtual business addresses in over 1,251 cities. In addition to this, they partner with an online notary service called Notarize. With this service, you can easily apply for a virtual post office address and receive it within a few minutes.

There are monthly plans available. You can choose a plan that provides unlimited mailboxes, incoming and outgoing mail and shredding. Other services are available at an additional fee. You can also choose to have your mail picked up in person. In some cases, this service is free. Others require appointments.

Another great feature of Anytime Mailbox is that it offers an international business address. Prices for this service depend on the country, but prices for the US location start at $9.99/month. The service also offers a dedicated business phone number that can be added to your existing devices. Additionally, you can post your business address on your website and on documents.

Virtual business addresses are a great way to simplify your business processes. They are more secure than a P.O. Box, and you can use them for marketing and advertising purposes. You can even use them for business registration. You can also access your virtual mailbox online. There are many benefits to having a virtual address, but they are not without limitations. If you’re looking for a physical address for your business in New York City, Virtual Mailbox is a great option.

Another good option is PostScanMail. This service allows you to receive packages at affordable rates. The service offers package scanning and consolidation, which is useful if you’re operating from a remote location. It also allows you to receive packages sent to your business address via mail service.


A virtual business address is a good way to provide a professional and personalized address for your business. Many virtual business address services are regulated by the USPS and must adhere to strict guidelines when handling personal information. If they fail to do so, they face stiff penalties. This service will keep your information confidential and will not release your address to anyone.

The service will scan your mail for you and store it into folders for easy access. You can also view your mail online. The service also provides free storage for up to 30 days. It also facilitates unlimited document shredding, which is an important feature to protect yourself from identity theft. Furthermore, you can set up multiple user accounts and recipient names.

A virtual business address is an excellent way to project a professional image and increase your credibility with customers. It can also be useful as a registered agent for your business, and can enhance your image with potential partners and investors. To try PostScan, sign up for a 30-day free trial.

There are three different plans for you to choose from. The starter plan costs $15 per month, while the standard plan is $20. There are also premium plans for those looking for more features and higher security. The cost varies depending on your preferences and the number of recipients. Some plans come with additional features, such as unlimited mail forwarding.

With a virtual business address, you no longer need to pay for physical addresses. In addition, the service offers the option to store mail for up to 30 days free of charge. In addition, it offers discounts to businesses who have multiple addresses. You can use these addresses to get more customers and make your business easier and more profitable.

PostScan has many advantages. You can easily use the address to advertise your business or send your company’s mail to clients. They also offer a virtual business address that you can post on your website and use on other documents. The service also offers competitive shipping rates. You can even get your mailings bundled to save money on postage.

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