What would happen if the earth stopped rotating?

Do you ever think about what would happen if the earth stopped rotating? Today we will discuss it. Our earth completes one orbit around the sun in 1 year. It is spinning at a speed of 1000 miles per hour on its axis. Therefore, there is a day of 12 hours and also a night of 12 hours on our planet. Due to which all living beings on earth live according to it. 

So what would happen if our earth suddenly stopped rotating? How much destruction will be there? 

Third planet of Solar System

Earth is the third planet of our solar system. It is the only planet in our solar system where humans and animals live. If the earth stopped moving, first of all, every living thing would weigh a little more than before. If we are alive today, there is a great reason that the earth rotates. As you move towards the north and south poles, the rotational speed of the earth will gradually decrease. And it can cause a dangerous accident. All of us felt it at some point in our lives. 

If the earth stop spinning all the things move towards East

If a fast-moving bus suddenly stops, we move abruptly. So it will happen with all of us if the earth stops rotating suddenly. So as the rotation stops, all the objects connected to the earth except the North and South Poles will move towards the East at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Whether it is human or animal or the biggest building in the city, it won’t matter. 

If the earth stop rotating everything will be over within a second

At that time, the speed of every human being will be like the speed of a bullet. It means everything will be over within a second. However, those who are currently traveling in the plane will have a better chance of survival. And astronauts in space will also be safe from danger. But everything on earth will be finished within a second. 

Why everything will go in the East direction?

Now here two questions come to everyone’s mind. First is, why everything will go in the East direction? Why not in different directions? Because the earth is usually rotating from west to east. This means that the earth rotates towards the east. So when it stops rotating, everything connected to the surface of the earth will start moving in the east direction.

the other question, which usually comes to mind is if everything should be at a fast speed, won’t we get out of Earth and get into space? The answer is so simple If any object is to get into space beyond the gravitational force. So the speed of this object should be 40,000 kilometers per hour. If the speed of an object is less than that, the object cannot be able to go into space. 

When everything will move in the east direction what would happen?

So when everything will move in the east direction, the sea will move out of its place. This means a huge tsunami which will cause the sea waves to be so high. Which would be much more difficult to estimate. Due to this, the big countries of the world will come underwater. 

The earth will then stop rotating. But the winds in the earth will start moving at the rotational speed of the earth. It will cause extremely dangerous storms. Which will clean out everything from the earth. 

However, if the rotation of the earth stops, the water in the equator will go to the north and south. And the poles will sink into the water. In addition, the man who was safe between these two poles of the earth will probably come under the water.

Volcanoes will begin to erupt all over the world

Did you know that as the earth rotates on its axis? The inner core of the earth also rotates very fast. So if the Earth’s outer surface stops rotating, it doesn’t mean that its inner core will also stop rotating. So there will be a huge gap in the rotational speed of the earth and its inner core. Which will have an effect on the electronic plates which are present underground. Volcanoes will begin to erupt all over the world. The earth rotates therefore, there are a day and night on earth. But if the earth stops spinning, then there will be 6 months day and 6 months night there. 

Hot and Cold sides of the earth

Then one side of the earth will be too hot and the other would be cold. So it will be so difficult to survive on such a planet. But the human can only survive on the boundary line between the two regions.

The side of the earth that will be on the sun side, will start to evaporate due to the heat of the sea. As a result maximum rainfall will begin there . And gradually the condition of this place of the earth will become like Venus. Which is the second plant of our solar system on which doomsday is happening all the time. 

On the other hand, the part of the earth that will not face the sun will be very cold there. And the winds in this section will be much denser than before. Which will start converting to liquid over time. And then the liquid will change into a solid-state and it is more difficult to convert air into a solid form. Because when liquid converts to solid form, there will be very big storms. At this time strong winds will enter this cold area. Thus the exchange of hot or cold can make the earth habitable for human habitation. But because of this exchange, winds and storms will also happen there.

Earth’s magnetic field

Usually the sun’s solar wind saves us from the earth’s magnetic field. So when the earth stops rotating it will end this magnetic field. And because of the solar wind, all the water will go into space. As what happened with the water of Venus and every living thing on earth will be destroyed by this intense radiation.

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