Who removed the Black Stone from the Khana Kaba

Do you like to know who removed the Black Stone from the Khana Kaba? On Dhul Hijjah 317 A.H. Abu Tahir Sulaiman Qaramati, the ruler of Bahrain, captured Makkah. To Allah, we belong and to Him, we shall return. This was the first time in Islam that Hajj Baitullah was stopped. It was Abu Tahir Al Qaramati who removed the black stone from the Kabah and took it with him to Bahrain.

The caliph of Banu Abbas, Muqtadir Ballah decided with Abu Tahir Qaramati and gave him 30,000 dinars. Then the black stone was returned to the Kabah. This return took place in 339A.H. The Kabah had been empty of the black stone for 22 years. When it was decided that the Black Stone would be returned the Caliph of the time sent the great scholar Sheikh Abdullah to Bahrain with the delegation to collect the Black Stone. 

2 Signs of Black Stone

This incident was narrated from the narration of Allama Suyuti in such a way that when Sheikh Abdullah reached Bahrain, the ruler of Bahrain arranged a ceremony in which the black stone was handed over to him and the stone was perfumed for him. 

It was taken out of the beautiful cover that it is a black stone. Muhaddith Abdullah said, no there are two signs in the black stone. It will be the Black Stone if this stone meets this standard and we will take it. 

The first sign is that it does not sink in water and the second is that it doesn’t get hot from fire. 

Now when the stone was thrown into the water, it sank and then when it was thrown into the water it became very hot. He said we will take the original black stone. Then the original black stone was brought and put into the fire, it cooled down. Then it was poured into the water and it floated on the water like a flower. Is the adornment of and this is the stone of paradise. 

At that time Abu Tahir Qaramati was surprised and said, where did you get these words from? Muhaddith Abdullah said we have received these words from the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) that the Black Stone will not sink in water and will not be heated by fire. 

When the Muslim found the Black Stone, it was loaded onto a weak camel which hurried it to the Kabah. This camel gained tremendous strength because the Black Stone was on its way to its center Baitullah.

However, when it was taken out of the Kabah and taken to Bahrain, the camel on which it was loaded would die. Even before reaching Bahrain, 40 camels died under it.

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