Why are my Floors Still Dirty After Mopping?

Have you had to ask yourself, “Why are my floors still dirty after mopping”? Of course, you have; that’s how you found me! I know you’re frustrated. You’ve just mopped your floors, and they still look dirty. The great news is that it’s not your duty if your hardwood floors have been looking lackluster.

The dire information is that they may never be as clean as they were when they were new (but I have some suggestions to support you take steps to keep them more hygienic than ever).

Let’s study possible causes why your hardwood floors are still dirty after mopping and how to clean them better with the proper instruments (Lumbuy Cleaning Machine) :

  • Using Extra Soap:

When cleaning, extra soap does not point to bringing the floor extra clean or cleaning it quickly. Using more soap directs to a precipitate build-up that can lure more dirt to the floors instead of getting rid of it, which leads us to reason number two.

  • Not Irrigating:

Using a traditional mop and bucket method increases the amount of liquid on the floor. To ensure no film build-up is left behind, the floors should be followed with a quick plain water rinse and a quick drying to eliminate the chance of filmy residue on the floors.

3)   Not Employing a Clean Mop Head:

You should occasionally check how muddy your mop head is, mainly if the floor is relatively dirty. If you are applying a rag mop head, you should be cleaning and sopping out the mop head frequently using Lumbuy Cleaning Machine. A dirty mop head only extends the dirt like butter on toast, not dismissing it.

4)   High Traffic Areas

The most toured places in your home are always a catch trove for scattering dirt and crud. Entryways, hallways, kitchens, and toilets are among the most toured spaces in a house. These places can and should be targeted for additional upkeep to keep your hardwood floors throughout the home neat.

All household members will heavily travel hallways that connect essential rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. These areas are prime real estate for the gathering of dirt and grime. Bathrooms, if you have a hardwood floor, will also fall into this category.

Methods to Stop Dirty Floors After Mopping

  • Have Several Mop Pads Convenient or Repeatedly Irrigate Rag Mops:

We always recommend using a mop that has interchangeable heads. This is more effortless to ensure your mop is hygienic and you are not applying dirt around the floor. Even more helpful is using changeable mop heads; you can throw in the laundry when you are done mopping.

With a rag mop, you must ensure you regularly rinse and wring out the mop and change the bucket of water before it becomes too muddy. When finished, the rag mop wants to be washed by hand and kept to air dry.

· Use a Dry Mop Procedure:

If you use a purer pail, it is an excellent concept to rinse and dry the floor to ensure all soap remains are off and not hanging around too long to make a film. Alternatively, you can use a dry mop to spread a weak cleaner from a spray bottle on the floor and wipe it with a mop.

When the cleaner is adequately diluted, not sprayed too diligently, and the right cleaning key is used, there is no necessity for the rinsing and drying stages.

· Vacuum More Often

The most effortless way to make your mopping job more accessible is to control the dirt down to as much of a minimum as possible. The best way to do this is regular vacuuming without a roller brush. We advise doing this on hard exterior floors once or at least every other day—the little dirt on the floors, the small builds. Staying on top of a pattern with mopping is vital, and not letting too much time die between cleanings.

  • Don’t Forget About Skilled Cleanings

Having a proficient hard surface floor deep cleaning once a year is vital to get deep down dirt that regular home cleanings can’t reach. It would be best if you had trained truck-mounted equipment to reset your floors once a year, especially if you have hardwood or tile floors.

My Final Words

I hope you can gather the information needed to clean your hardwood floors. Just remember to protect the high traffic areas with some good rugs that will remove debris from shoes.

Bringing in the habit of setting up a cleaning program will also be valuable in ensuring you can keep your hardwood floors clean using Lumbuy. Make it fun too! Pop some music on and sweep or mop to the beat. Open the shades so the neighbors can see too. It will deliver them entertainment, and you’ll complete the task you set out to do with a smile. Happy Floor Day!

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