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WorkBright makes the task of handling employee files easier. It eliminates the need for manual intervention, and includes an automated validation field, which flags errors up front. When an employee file is flagged, WorkBright sends out email alerts that summarize the problem and propose a corrective action. In addition, the system’s mobile-first design enables you to manage employee files on the go.

Applicant tracking system

Recruiters use an applicant tracking system to streamline the hiring process. It can be time-consuming to keep track of applicants and track their progress. With so many applicants applying for the same job, it’s crucial for companies to attract the best talent and organize their applications once they’ve been submitted. WorkBright’s applicant tracking system can help.

WorkBright applicant tracking system lets you streamline the hiring process by allowing your entire team to view the same database. This means your team can review applications, comment on them, and provide feedback. The system also integrates with WorkBright’s digital onboarding system, enabling you to quickly sign employee offer letters and fill out paperwork without having to physically visit the employee’s workplace.

With a WorkBright ATS, your hiring process will be streamlined and you’ll find better candidates faster. Plus, you’ll lower your cost of acquisition. ATS solutions can help your business by streamlining the hiring process, improving candidate quality and reducing your hiring costs. Interested? Contact a WorkBright ATS expert today to learn more about its benefits.

WorkBright has multiple pricing plans, based on the number of employees hired. Tier one costs $158 per month, while Tier two costs $210. Tier three costs $368 per month, while Tier four costs $578 per month. Tier five costs $1,247 per month. Tier six costs $1,969 per month, while Tier seven costs $3,609 per month. Premium features can cost extra.

WorkBright is designed to help you streamline the hiring process. It allows your new employees to easily complete paperwork online. The system also allows them to upload their credentials and sign digitally. It can easily transfer their data to E-Verify, too. It’s important to understand the features of an applicant tracking system before investing in one.

WorkBright’s automated process can help employers stay in compliance with the law. It integrates E-Verify, and it helps companies scan I-9 forms from their smartphones. It also allows an authorized representative to complete section two. This simplifies the I-9 process, especially for large companies. It can also help automate E-Verify.

Mobile first

WorkBright is a cloud-based employee onboarding software that automates virtually every part of the onboarding process for new hires. It allows HR administrators to enter or import information from various sources, and issue custom offer letters and digital new hire packets. This employee onboarding software also sends reminders when forms aren’t completed.

As a mobile first solution, WorkBright allows administrators to oversee employee onboarding via any smart device. It works seamlessly with the Form I-9, allowing new hires to fill out Section 1 on their smartphone and have administrators review and approve their signature. And unlike a paper-based solution, WorkBright captures real signatures, so it’s safe for employees to sign important documents from their smartphones.

WorkBright also provides customized email reminders to employees. Instead of constantly reminding employees to fill out forms and return them, these reminders are sent directly to their inboxes. They even include a link to their own account, where they can check the status of any pending forms. That way, a new hire can complete their paperwork from anywhere, with the click of a button.

Pricing plans are flexible and vary according to the number of employees your company has. The number of new employees on boarded per year determines the pricing plan. You can also set user permissions, which restrict administrator access and alterations to forms. WorkBright also has a number of different pricing plans to suit any company size.

Automated email reminders

Automated email reminders are an excellent way to remind your employees of pending forms, such as employee verification forms. This way, you won’t have to constantly nudge them to submit the correct paperwork. These email reminders will list forms that are pending and provide a link to complete them.

WorkBright comes with a number of plans, each priced based on how many employees you’ll have. The basic plan is only $158 per month, but the paid plans increase as your company grows and you hire more employees. WorkBright has a range of pricing tiers, from $158/month for the Tier 1 plan to $3,247/month for the Tier 6 and Tier 7 plans. You can even choose to pay extra for premium features.


Pricing for WorkBright varies depending on the number of employees in a company. For example, you might pay $158 per employee per month for Tier 1 and $210 per employee for Tier 2. But this cost quickly adds up, especially if you’re hiring multiple employees. To alleviate this issue, WorkBright offers a sliding scale pricing structure, so you can pay as little as $15 per employee per month. The company also offers technical support for its software.

Another major benefit of WorkBright is its ease of use. It helps you manage paperwork while at the same time making your employees happier. You can even sign up for a free demo to see if it’s right for your company. The software can simplify the onboarding process for managers, allowing them to focus on the people instead of the paperwork.

WorkBright pricing varies, but it’s based on how many employees you need. The cost is usually billed annually, but you can also opt for monthly billing if you want. The software also has excellent features for the price, including customizable reporting, notifications, enhanced security, and training. In fact, WorkBright offers many features that you simply won’t find in other HR software in this price range.

Although WorkBright’s cost isn’t the cheapest onboarding software available, it’s a highly recommended onboarding tool for small businesses. It’s easy to use and mobile-friendly, and even offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. It’s also backed by a solid company – Ultimate Software. It boasts over 12,000 employees and serves clients in over 165 countries. Therefore, it’s a great choice for any company with a global workforce.

WorkBright pricing varies with the number of employees and number of users. It ranges from $5 per employee per month to $16 per employee per month, depending on the selected package. While WorkBright offers customizable pricing, you may need to pay additional fees for training or setup. These extra costs can add up quickly and significantly increase your bill.

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