Zoetis Petcare Rewards

The Zoetis Petcare Rewards program is a great way to save money on your next visit to the veterinarian. Its members can earn points for any purchase made at the clinic. Points can be redeemed for products and services at any of the participating veterinarians’ offices. There are certain rules and limitations that you must follow to maximize the benefits of the program. Below is a look at the details of the program.

Points you can earn

The Zoetis Petcare Rewards program is a great way to save money on vet services. Each time you buy a participating Zoetis small animal product or service, you earn points you can use for a reward. These points can be redeemed at the vet for anything from supplies to food. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you will get a Mastercard that you can use for future pet care purchases.

The program has several perks, but the biggest is the ability to earn rewards. There are no limits on how many rewards you can earn, and you can redeem your points for real money. All you have to do is register for the program and use your Zoetis petcare card to redeem your rewards. The program is free to join, and you can sign up at the website to learn more. You can also use your reward card to make online purchases at participating retailers.

Products you can redeem for

A new program called Zoetis Petcare Rewards is helping pet owners save money on their pets’ health care. Through this program, you can purchase products that will earn you points that you can redeem for rewards. This Mastercard can be used to pay for services at participating veterinarian offices and purchase eligible Zoetis small animal products. Simply register for the program and submit the invoice of eligible products and services to receive your card. To earn your rewards, you must purchase the qualifying products and services within 60 days.

The rewards are worth $1 per qualifying purchase. These can be redeemed at any participating retail location or online. Each purchase will earn you a certain number of points. The amount of points you earn is indicated on the rewards card. These points are then converted into dollars when you redeem them. Once you reach a specified number of points, you can use these credits towards other purchases. If you buy multiple qualifying products, you can also use the card to purchase items for your pets.

Limits on total amount of points you can redeem

There are limits to the total number of points you can redeem for ZoetiS rewards, and they may be different for every purchase. Each purchase may only earn you a certain number of points, but you can accumulate them over time and redeem them for real money. You may not receive every reward at once, but the accumulated points will add up. The more points you collect, the better!

The Zoetis Petcare Rewards Mastercard is restricted to use at participating veterinary practices. It is reloadable and has a value of $10. It is good for any veterinary service, and you can also donate unused points to support the Zoetis Petcare K-9 Courage program. Since the Zoetis Petcare Rewards Mastercard supports the American Humane organization, 100% of the funds you spend on your purchases go to the charity.


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