5 Zombie Survival Games To Play In 2021

Zombies have been a popular topic of conversation, and they will most likely remain so for years to come.  Despite this, it can be hard to find games that cater well to the zombie survival theme.  In order to help you in your search for a new game, pkvirals rounded up 5 Zombie Survival Games That You Need To Play In 2021! These are some of the best titles coming out soon that will keep you on your toes!

Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 is an upcoming first-person action game. The game will take place in the fictional city of Harran, which zombies overrun. The player will assume control of Kyle Crane, an operative sent to infiltrate the quarantined city, with the goal of destroying the zombie horde.

The game will feature four times as many animations as its predecessor and use a reactive survival system that takes into account things like stealth and noise.

Dying Light 2 features more open areas than before with varied environments like jungles and swamps, as well as day-night cycles, changing weather conditions, and dynamic events on top of all this. There are also various new zombie types to contend with in Dying Light 2 including ones that can jump at you and ones that spit acid.

However, the best part of this game is that you can make money by streaming it on twitch which is far better than online gambling like casinos. A craze to play and watch a game like Dying light 2 is increasing day by day.

Resident Evil: Village.

Resident Evil: Village is a new survival horror game from Capcom, that will be released for multiple consoles including the Playstation, Xbox One, PC/Mac as well as smartphone devices in 2021.

The story follows Chris Redfield who must infiltrate an isolated village to investigate the disappearance of his friend, Ethan Winters. The village is populated with deformed inhabitants, zombies, and other mutations that make the search more difficult.

The game will be played from a first-person perspective to immerse players in an interactive horror experience as they explore multiple paths through the town. There are several horrific encounters where Chris must decide how best to survive – the choice being between hiding from the enemy or fighting back.

Back 4 Blood.

The game’s story is four years after the events of “Resident Evil 5”. Biodiversity has decreased, and what used to be coastlines are now filled with infectious water. The local villagers have suffered from an outbreak of a new virus that has turned them into zombies.

The gameplay in “Back 4 Blood” will be similar to the series’ previous titles.

In order to keep up with Chris Redfield’s moves, players will have to avoid being detected by the virus-enhanced zombies. Players also have a new melee weapon in their arsenal – a bionic arm with a built-in blade knife capable of cutting through enemies in one swipe.

Back 4 Blood is due for release on 27 October 2021.

Zombie Army: Grave Days.

The game’s developer, Rebellion Developments has recently revealed that the sequel to “Zombie Army Trilogy” will come out in March 2020 and be available on all major consoles including Xbox One and Playstation as well as PC/Mac.

The story follows a group of soldiers trying to take down an evil genius who is trying to summon the dead through a portal.

The game you can play from an over-the-shoulder perspective with players taking on hordes of zombies. While also dealing with other enemies like Nazi soldiers and mutated animals on some levels.

Players can call upon their squadmates for help when facing off against large groups of enemies.

Zombie Army: Grave Days is slated for a March 2020 release date.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is a tactical shooter game. The player takes control of an unnamed team leader and sets out on various missions, each with its own objectives such as deactivating bombs or rescuing hostages. Depending on how the player performs, they will receive a rank at the end of the mission.

The game features both solo and co-op play in which players can work together either locally or online to complete objectives. As well as single-player and multiplayer modes in which players can team up in order to face waves of progressively difficult enemies.

The game will feature four new operators: Nøkk, Valkyrie, Jackal, and Maestro.

1) Nøkk

Nøkk is a Norwegian Assault Team operator who has specialist knowledge of underwater missions. She has an aurora camouflage suit that makes her invisible in water and has a special “Black Eye” device that can detect enemies through walls.

2) Valkyrie

Valkyrie is the leader of the Polish GROM counter-terrorism unit who has tactical knowledge of hostage situations. Her gadget includes grenades capable of knocking down doors or destroying walls, and a drone that you can use to scout out areas before entering.

3) Jackal

Jackal is an Israeli operator who uses his gadget as the eyes and ears of fellow teammates in operations where visibility may be lower. He has high-tech binoculars which reveal enemies behind walls or barricades. While he also has a “Golden Eye” device that can detect heartbeats.

4) Maestro

Maestro is the final operator and contains a semiautomatic crossbow that fires special breaching rounds to destroy doors or walls. You can also use grenades capable of knocking down enemies in their blast radius.

He has high-tech binoculars like Jackal’s but unlike Jackal’s, Maestro’s can see through walls and reveal enemy locations. Other gadgets include a tactical shield that you can use to deflect bullets. You can protect teammates from gunfire as well as the ability to lay down traps for enemies.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six will have a multiplayer mode with players being able to choose between attackers and defenders roles.

The goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible. Players must keep an eye on their ammo, health levels, and position in order not to become bait for hungry zombies.

You can find ammunition around the map or players is able to take it from fallen foes.

However, if that isn’t enough then they will have to use melee weapons. You can find melee weapons around the map too.

But they don’t last long and break quickly under pressure from zombie attacks.


The world is gearing up for the impending zombie apocalypse. However, if you want to survive in 2021, it’s best to start practicing now with these five zombie survival games online!

The Day Before will be coming out in March 2020 and available on all major consoles. They are available on Xbox One and Playstation as well as PC/Mac.

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