Zoom Meeting

Zoom meeting app is one in all, the best app for video conferencing. It contains desktop and mobile apps that permit their users to meet online, even with or without video.

Zoom meeting app offers high-quality audio and video across Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, and Blackberry, etc.


Zoom meeting app is one of the best video conferencing app which was launched by Chinese Software Engineer Eric Yuan. This app was basically started in 2011 but officially launched in 2013.

This app allows their users video conferencing which is easy and accessible. One of the outstanding things about this app is, it is free for anyone. It also gives a basic package to have a 40 minutes meeting with more than three participants.

Different Features of Zoom

Zoom has numerous features that include voice detection, full screen, gallery view, etc.

It provides a mobile app for Android and IOS as well, which helps you to connect through the internet from anywhere.

However, it has different amazing tools such as a chat window through which you can send and receive messages from other participants.

In addition, it provides a raise hand option which helps the users to ask questions while lectures or meetings. In addition, it also makes the group gathering easier.

Zoom has private chat capabilities with screen sharing from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or computer desktop.

Zoom gives complete control over the keyboard and mouse etc while sharing the documents with other participants. In addition, it has a recording option too, through which you can record in MP4 and M4A forms.

It provides a high quality of service whether you share something from a windows desktop or from a mobile app.

It allows the hosts to mute or unmute participants. Or turn off screen sharing for attendees. It allows us to share single desktop windows or to share all screen with the participants, which is preferably good for the privacy of participants.

Zoom in COVID-19

During the pandemic of the coronavirus, all the schools, universities, businesses, offices were closed due to partial and full lockdown. People were facing difficulty, but the zoom app plays their role. Most of the countries use zoom app for their work or social gathering.

Teachers of different schools and universities used it for educational hand option used to ask questions during lectures or meetings.

Office workers used it to work from home and enjoy the ease and stay in touch with their colleagues. They can easily share documents through this app.

Even different businessmen and organizations used it to continue their work from home.

Most people used it because it is so easy to use. Zoom call requires a zoom account, a webcam, and access to the internet connection.

In the covid period, it becomes one of the best digital ways to stay in touch with work colleagues friends, and family. People even used it to connect with their family members and relatives who are far away from them and are living in abroad countries. It is one of the fantastic apps of this year because it has been downloaded more than 50 million times even on lockdown days and other days for work and social life.

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